Saturday, December 6, 2008

Oh, the weather outside is Delightful.. as always.

1. I love junk and fast food! -hot cheetos, funyuns, BBQ potato chips, soda, mcdonalds, in n out, jack in the box, AHHHH! I should weigh like 300 lbs. I'm sure this will all catch up with me at some point.

2. I hate songs that fade out instead of just stop. - its takes so long and you never know when the song is done fading down and your just sitting and waiting and anticipating for the next song to start, GRR!

3. I love meeting and talking to new people. - no matter who they are, what they have to say, what they look like, what they're wearing, what their intentions are. I talk to them. Sometimes it gets me introuble but I'm the girl that never shuts up. But whatever, I'll be that :)

4. The number 4 is my lucky number! -it was my basketball number in high school, my softball number, when I was on swim team I made sure I was always swimming in the 4th lane. I dont know why but it's brought me a lot of luck.

5. I dont know how to cook, but I love to eat. -if it doesnt come in a can or a microwavable box, then I cant make it. It's not that I dont wanna learn how to cook, it's just that no one ever taught me :(

6. When I talk, I get myself into trouble. -I'm not the type of person that says stuff like "oh well im outspoken so if I have something to say I'm just gonna say it to your face." I'm the type of person that will make fun of you and go back and fourth until I accidentally say what I really think of you, what your wearing, your new haircut, the new sweater your grandmother gave you for christmas, that "birthmark" on the side of your face, ect.

7. I'm deathly afraid of ketchup! - I dont know why but I am. Typing the word and saying it outloud even make me cringe. I've never liked it. I dont know why. So from here on out, ketchup will now be referred to as "the k-word."

8. I love doing make up. -on other people. I hate doing my own. Making people look pretty makes me feel better :).. But I could never do it as an occupation.

9. I love dressing comfortably. -if I ruled the world, everyone would wear sweatpants and hoodies and tennis shoes. Jeans are alright sometimes but GOTDAMN! I just love being comfortable.

10. I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up. - this is something that really upsets me cuz I have no idea. Not that I dont have goals but I just dont know what I would be happy doing for the rest of my life. I want a big girl job but I want to be doing something that I dont hate doing. I went to high school and barely made it to school cuz I hated it so much and I dont what my career to be the same way :(

11. I love tattoos. - but I dont have the balls to get the tattoos that I really want. I'm so concerned about my wedding day LOL. And I sound just like my mother, "what are you gonna look like when your walking down the aisle in a beautiful dress and you got tattoos all over your arms." GRR! I just want like half a sleeve and I'd be good but the thought of me walking around in my wedding dress with tattoos makes me sad. But what if I never get married? Hmm..

12. I want to be on the Real World! - but not be one of the slutty girls. Just like a chill, party girl. But I would never go on and do the Real World/Road Rules challenge things. GAY!

13. Its taking me a long time to do this. - and I dont know where to stop LOL. I cant think of random, fun things about myself when I force myself to do it.

14. I would kill someone for a lifetime supply of Snapple Diet Peach Iced Tea. - true story.

15. I'm very different from the way I was in high school. - I know thats normal but I graduated in 2007. And the day after I graduated I was completely changed. I use to make fun of people and not care just cuz everyone thought it was funny and cool. And now I'll see people from high school and they'll be like "damn you were a bitch." But I'm an angel now :)

16. I almost died like 3 years ago. - a quad fell ontop of me and crushed 3 of my ribs and they almost collapsed into my lungs... I saw the tunnel AND the white light but I was like "naw dawg, fuck this. If I'm not goin out in a shoot out then I'm not dying." So God let me live a little longer.

Ok, well I cant think of anymore. But I'll be updating more regularly now. So watch out for it buttermilk pancakes :)


James said...

Afraid of ketchup? weird

asia kismet said...

oh how i miss in n out and jack in the crack....i didnt' even get to enjoy the smoothie sensations they were selling at jack in the crack before i left....booooooooooo