Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sisterly Love...

I got an email from both my little sisters this morning. Since I've moved to Cali we've talked several time but we were a lot closer, obviously, when I was back in Pittsburgh. They both have their own rooms now and apperantly thats going great cuz in my sister Nicole's email she says, "hey katie. I know what mom got you for christmas. Email me back and maybe I'll tell you. I cant wait to see you. But you better be going back to Cali after christmas cuz I cant share a room with Rachel ever again.".. I was sitting here laughing and then my face went completely straight and I was just like "that little brat."... Then Rachel e-mails me only to ask me to do stuff for her. Like burn her a cd or listen to the newest Jonas Brothers songs. SHEESH! Wait till I get back home on Tuesday, they are in for some shit.

But on a lighter and more positive note. I did a load of my own laundry yesterday and I'm pretty sure I didnt screw anything up.

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