Monday, December 29, 2008

Sooo I was thinkin right?

And I was watching some UFC bullshit on tv last night and I know all the fighters are in the same weight class. But what if theres a dude that use to weigh 235 lbs but dropped down to fight in a lower weight class? Maybe something like 210 lbs? And then theres another guy that use to weigh 185 lbs but now he gained weight to fight in the 210lb weight class. Whose at more of an advantage? Or are they just both in the same boat? I dont know why I was thinking about this or why I even care. I cant watch that shit anyways.

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LEX$ said...

the guy who dropped at to lower class is at a loss because he also loses muscle weight. when Roy Jones went down in weight to fight Tarver, he almost got whooped the first time because he said losing all the muscle he did basically drained him.