Monday, February 16, 2009

Am I to Blame?

I have noooo idea what has been wrong with me lately. I've really been feeling like I'm going crazy. Maybe it's just the pressure of moving all my shiet back to the east coast or something but damn. I honestly think I'm like mental institution type crazy. Just one minute I'm happy, the next I'm sad, the next minute I'm mad, and then I'm just like chill. And when I'm chill I just sit back and think WHAT THE FLUCK IS WRONG WITH YOUUU?! I have conversations with myself, definitely not out loud, thats too insane, but just to myself. You know when you're just sittin back like "pull yourself together, what are you doing?" Thats really what I have been doing for the past like month at least. Taking my frustration or whatever it is out on EVERYONE, no exclusions.

But then it hits me last night. Maybe its not me going crazy. Maybe it's just everyone around me going crazy. *I dont know if you've noticed, but I don't like to take blame or responsibility for myself until I have to.* So anyways, like I was saying. Everyone around me is crazy. And thats the way it is.

So I basically got all my clothes and stuff packed up, ready to go back home. I'm sooo excited! And I'll be home for my 20th birthday, whhaaaatttt?! Ahh, I cant wait. I'm just hoping my plane doesnt crash, or float into any body of water. I heard hyperthermia is a bitch. I usually dont get this nervous about flying until I'm like at the airport and shit, but with all these crazy planes flying into houses and rivers, I dunno what to think. But I'm sure I'll be good.

And on Thursday I'm going to the Ellen Degeneres Show!! I'm pretty excited about that. And my mom is coming out to Cali on Wednesday, so I'll get to show her around a little bit before I leave. Then Friday night, IM OUTTT! Thank God!

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Ms_Slim said...

Have a safe trip! :)