Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Last Days of a 19 Year Old...

Sooo. I escaped California, and I'm back in Pittsburgh. I'm still waiting on all my clothes to come. They probably wont get here until like Saturday or Monday. But I need them like NOWWW!..

But before I left for California, I had my own bedroom. And now that I moved back in with my parents they've rearranged everything. Both my younger sisters have their on rooms now. So I'm stuck rooming with my 11 year old sister. She has 2 twin beds in her room and I've got one of them. I've never had to sleep in a twin bed before and OMG, its horrible and uncomfortable. But I guess I have no room to be picky. So hopefully soon I'll either be living on my own or out somewhere else.

Right now, I am dog-sitting. I dont understand why you cant just leave the bitch in the cage all day while you're out. Blah. But its whatever. I had to spend an hour with the maids this morning and they were hilarious. Just grumpy old women and their son.

SUNDAY IS THE DAYYY!!! I will no longer be a teenager :( ... This isn't like a big birthday but it is. I feel old and I dont like it. I feel like I need to start cracking down and grow up, which sucks and I'm not ready for it. But we'll see how that goes.

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