Sunday, March 1, 2009

Birthdays Shemerthdaysssss

So, besides the fact that I had one of the worst birthdays in a while, the store my mom bought my little cookie cake at obviously just lets anyone ice and letter the cakes now. LOL.. But whatever. I'm grown now. No longer a teenager but not completely legal. Stuck in the middle ::sigh::
My entire family and a few friends usually call me "Bug." And Bug has been the name on all my cakes since I can remember. But this year my mom said shes not doing it cuz I'm grown up now and putting "Bug" on her 20 year old daughter's cake didnt seem right. So she just got my name. Which is fine to me.. I dont really care either way. Its just a cake. My grandma called me today and forgot that it was my birthday until my aunt remindered her. LOL.. But she's like 84, so I cant blame her. She told me birthdays start to not matter so much after awhile and I couldn't agree with her more. Birthdays suck. I dont like feeling older.
My birthday consisted of:
-Laying in bed all morning without being bothered, which was weird but amazing
-My younger sister Nicole and me cleaned OUR room. Ugh..
- Got chinese food :)
- Cut the cookie cake
... So yeahhh, thats about it... Hope your weekend was better than mine.

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asia kismet said...

hahaha @ your being twuneanunda [dwele reference if you aint heard that song]
well welcome to your can expect changes and growth coming shortly...but sometimes they take longer...but "everything in it's right place" [bilal reference there]