Sunday, March 8, 2009

Diddley Doo...

I just decided that I'm gonna be adding more pictures and stuff to my blogs. I got a new camera for christmas and I really haven't been using it too much cuz it was a pain in the butt to upload pics onto the computer I had out in Cali. But I figured out how to do it on this computer. So definitely expect more pics.

And I've been noticing that people take this bloggin stuff very serious. Are people getting paid for doing blogs or something? Please let me know where I can sign up. I'll step my game up, scouts honor.

Oh, and I realized today that I'm quick with some stuff, such as reflexes, lies, and I'm a quick eater. But when it comes to comebacks and stuff, I'm slow as hell. Someone said something to me today. I dont really recall what the person said and I just stood there like "damn, he really got me with that one." BUT THENNNN.. like 2 hours later I was at home watching Pitt shit on UConn and I thought of a comeback and it was sooo good. Stuff like that happens to me all the time ::sigh::.. Its crazy cuz I can lie instantly and think of something really good and believable but when it comes to comebacks, I'm like syrup... slow as hell, but not sticky... But yeahhh. I guess I'm off to bed now. Set your clocks forward!

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Anonymous said...

U make me want to go 2 Pittsburgh! l0l