Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I Just Wanna Be...

"Never looking back, or too far infront of me... The present is a gift, and I just wanna BE." - Common

Thats gotta be one of my favorite quotes from a Common song EVER! And I never really understood them till I listened to the song tonight. Right now in my life I just wanna BE. I just want to do what I gotta do and take everything in and not have to deal with bullshit and disappointment anymore. I want things to work out for me. I want people to say they are gonna do something and then do it. I want to find a way to make my parents proud of me. I want to finally just grow up and do me. I want people in my life that are gonna support me and help me and not hold me back. I want to come back to Pittsburgh and chill with friends and actually have shit to talk about and hear stories about how they're bettering their lives instead of talking about old high school shit. I just want things to be different. I wanna start doing more for other people. I want to start seeing a change around me. I'm sick of the same enviroment. I wanna stop being so naive and realize just because I'm giving someone X amount of chances, doesn't mean its gonna work out in my favor. I just want change. I just really wanna BE.


Ms_Slim said...

I hear you, chica.

I just wanna 'BE' too.


Anonymous said...

thats a bahm ass common line