Monday, March 9, 2009


So I have decided to show you all what my old room has now turned into. I dont like what it has become but this is what happens when you leave your room to a 13 year old girl :(... BLAHHHH!!! It looks like the headquarters for the Jonas Brothers fan club or something. I remember when I had an N'sync fascination and my mother would never let me put up posters on the wall cuz she was afraid it would eff up the paint job. this is some BS.!

Luckily my "roommate" only has a few posters up on her side of the room...

And this is my wall... on my side of the room... I didnt bring any of my posters or pictures back from California. I completely forgot. But no worried :( ...I'll get some new ones soon.

So lately, I've been trying to drink more water and milk. I dont drink nearly enough of either of them. I gave up soda for Lent. I'm not a very religious person. Only for the simple fact I dont go to church every sunday. I'm the typical christmas, easter, funeral church goer. But I still talk/pray/thank God all the time. So it's whatever...
But back to me drinking water and milk. Just by cutting back on soda I've noticed a big difference in my weight and my complexion. Its crazy. And then I started drinking water and that just made everything better. I've also been walking/running and working out everyday. Being back home has made me just wanna be a better person all around and get inshape a little bit. Oh, and as for milk. I can only stomach like one glass a day.. I think milk is the most disgustinggggg thing ever. I can honestly only drink milk in cereal and when I'm eating cookies. But gimme some chocolate milk and I'll destroy an entire gallon in a day.

Saturday is the St. Patrick's Day parade in Pittsburgh. Everyone here makes a big deal out of it, as they should, cuz its one of the most fun days in the city. I'll definitely be attending. Theres always the parade, where most of the adults and younger children are, and then there is Market Square, where all of us go to get drunk lol... I've been arrested so many times in Market Square on St. Patty's Day. I think last year may have been the first year I didn't get arrested, and that's only cuz I wasn't drunk. Hopefully this year I don't get arrested and I can just have a good time.. But only time will tell and there will be pictures, i promise.

I've been kinda stressed a lot lately but hopefully this weekend will be different and I can just relax and just be happy... But I'm not gettin my hopes up ::sigh::... Happy Monday! :-

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