Saturday, March 7, 2009

Shew Fly.. DON'T Bother Me!

So the weather in Pittsburgh has been amazing. It was just 75 degrees yesterday. So we had the doors and the windows open, getting fresh air into the house. I even did some spring cleaning a little bit early. But as I was sitting watching t.v. I heard a noise. The most annoying and frustrating noise everrrrr. I would rather listen to a car alarm go off for 45 minutes. Or a woman with long ass nails claw at a chalkboard before I have to hear the sound I heard. I thought I was gonna pull out my hair or scratch my eyes outtt!... It was the sound of....


A fly like flying passed my ear. OMFGG!>!asdlfkjaisfdgjasldjf.. I hate that sound more than anything. Then I get all paranoid, and then I feel like flies are all over me... GRRRR!... But yeah.. Just thought I'd share that. Hopefully everyone has an enjoyable Sunday.. and dont forget to watch UNC -vs- duke at 4 pm :)

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asia kismet said...

i can't stand duke...i hope they lose.