Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Zero Tolerance

I'm not proud of myself, but today I threatened an 11 year old girl and clowned her infront of all her friends and for a good 6 minutes, I was the coolest and funniest person in my little sister's 6th grade class room.

But lets start at the beginning of the story, before you start to think I'm a bad person...

I come home yesterday afternoon from the mall around 4:15. I hear my littlest sister, and my current "roommate," Nicole in the living room crying, and I see my dad pacing back and fourth in the kitchen. I ask what's going on and my dad said something along the lines of, "someone tried to bully your sister at school today." I go sit down next to my sister in the living room and ask for the whole story. She begins to tell me that some girl was sitting on her bookbag in the hall at the end of the day. Nicole asked her to get up cuz she had a bus to catch, the girl then replied, "I dont give a fuck where you gotta go." So my sister pulled the bookbag from under the girls fat ass behind and the girl fell and hit her head on a locker or something. Then she gets in MY sisters face talking about she's gonna punch her and all this other bullshit. Mind you, my little sister is very tiny for her age and this girl is very BIG for her age. Nicole told me people had to pull this girl back off her so she didnt do anything. Then she told me that this girl has fought atleast 5 or 6 other kids, boys and girls. She was so scared that didnt want to go to school the next day.

Needless to say I was pissed off. My parents were planning on going to the school with my little sister tomorrow (today) and talking to the principle or guidence counselor or someone. I told Nicole I would walk her to class and talk to her teacher who I met a few years ago at a faculty vs student basketball game.

So after I talked to Nicole a little bit and showed her some fighting technics she wasnt scared anymore.

So this morning we all got ready and went down to her school. My parents went to the office while I went up to Nicole's room to talk to Mr. Bonacci. We get up there and theres kids in the room but no teacher, so I'm sitting there waiting for him and Nicole points to this tall, rounded girl that walks into the room and says, "thats her." I start cracking up. It was extremely funny to me that this ugly little girl with fake cinderella press on nails was trying to come at my little sister all crazy and sideways. She starts talking shit to everyone in the room and she's just loud and ignorant for no reason. Then she stares my sister down like she's gonna do something and then the clowning begins. I came at this little girl from every aspect I could. From her weight to her hair to her nails to making assumptions about her family. I couldnt help it. All I was thinking about was my little sister laying on the couch crying and too scared to come to school. I just couldn't stop making fun of this girl. Kids were laughing at my jokes and laughing at her and this is EXACTLY what I wanted. I wanted her to be embarrassed. And I went over to her desk and bent down and looked at her in her eyes and said, "If you ever touch my little sister or get up in her face again, I'll wait for you after school, I'll follow your bus home, and I'll beat the fuck outta you before you even reach your front door."

As soon as I got done saying it, the teacher walked in and I told him I had to talk to him outside of the room. And the threats didnt stop with the little girl. I ended up threatening the teacher by accident. I said something like, "If anything happens between that beast of a girl and my little sister in YOUR classroom and you dont do anything about it, I'll make sure you never teach in another school in PA ever again." LOLLL.. I was like a fuckin monster today.

I came home and felt kinda bad, but not bad enough to let it keep me down. What I learned from all this is bullying needs to stop AND dont mess with my family cuz I will do whatever I can to make your life hell. And my sister just got home from school and said the girl didn't even talk to her today HAHA! So I did my job.

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