Sunday, April 26, 2009

This Weekend...

...was boring as hell...

Didn't really do much.

Friday, I just chilled, rented a movie, talked to the boo.

Saturday, chilled with some people, watched the Penguins beat the Flyers and move on to series numero dos. ANDDD.. made a confetti cake thats amazing.

Sunday, woke up around 10 and went to my sister's soccer game...

It was about 90 degrees outside, and my arms and shoulders got burnt, but its all good.

We went to eat before we went to the game and of course I brought a water bottle, drank the whole thing, and had to pee. Soo my dad took my back to the restaurant to use the ladies room :)..

But I'm about to watch some movie called The Wrestler. I dont really know what its about but, we shall see.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Blah, BIG Blah...

I'm a broke bitch and my phone got shut off. So now my only means of communication is thru the internet and the house phone, and no one likes using the house phone. I gotta find a job a.s.a.p.
Help meeee!
Happy Weekend!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Brilliant Idea, by your's truely...

So since I'm lazy I'm not gonna re-type everything my boo just typed. Sooooo, click this for my fabulous idea for a sex tape :)... You can leave comments here or there about what you think.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

To Band Wagon or Not To Band Wagon

I've noticed that almost every blog I'm following has a playlist of some sort. I'm thinking about putting one together, but only time will tell.
But please believe, if I do add one to the blog, it'll shit all over yours.
So dont be filled with salt (Tommy reference), and I'm not talking about the epson kind either, HATER!

Straight Women, Lesbian Porn.

Am I gay?... Definitely not. Am I bi-sexual?... Nope. Am I bi-curious?... Not even.

But when I'm watching porn, I can only get off on lesbian porn. I dont think there is anything wrong with that, but I definitely wouldn't say its normal. I'm not addicted to porn by any means, and I HATEEEE when females say they don't watch it. You're a gotdamn LIAR!. Don't play yaself. But I was talking to a friend about me liking lesbian porn. Im not concerned or anything, cuz I know I'm not gay or bisexual or anything. I like dick. I like men, and at this time in my life, just one man, soooo it's not a big issue. But I asked a friend of mine and she said something like, "you probably just don't like to look at other guys naked, I am the same. I like to see the man I'm sleeping with naked but not some random dude with a weird *thingie*. Women are ment to be attractive, like a sports car. Everyone likes a sexy sports car, not to say everyone likes lesbian porn. But I feel you."

So, needless to say, it made me feel better. Like I'm not the only girl out there that appreciates beautiful women.

On to a whole new topic now. THREESOMES!!!...

I don't want to say that I would never have a threesome, but since I'm in a serious relationship now I wouldn't want to. I can't see myself spending my life with a man that I had a threesome with. Like me watching another girl do shit to my man? HELL NO. Would never happen. I was actually talking to my boyfriend about threesomes and we both decided, its not a good look. I did tell him that if I could clone myself then a threesome would be on the top of my list of things to do. But since thats not possible, negative.
Soooo, thats all I got for today I guess.
Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ex-Boyfriends and Radar...

I guess this could also be about ex-girlfriends, but I wouldn't know so I'm just gonna talk about ex-boyfriends for now. I'm pretty sure after everything ends with your relationship they have a happiness radar out on you. So they can find out the very moment you're the happiest with the new relationship your in, and thats when they POUNCE. Like a retarded, down syndromed cat, right back into your life. Whether it be thru text message, or phone call, or email, or IM, or even stopping by unannounced. They can tell that you're extremely happy and they see it as an opportunity to break something up, or they see it as a challenge to get you back. The weak at heart start to think about all the time you put into your ex, and all the "good times" you might have had and it makes you question the relationship you're in now. But the people that are genuinely happy, the people with strong hearts, see it as a joke. A pathetic, humorless joke. An annoyance, if you will. If your past relationship ended because your ex cheated, left you for someone else, lied to you, didn't give a shit, or all of the above, and you've gotten over it, and you've forgiven that person then thats when all of this becomes a joke.

The past couple months my ex has been texting me like once or twice a week. When he first started, I would entertain it and text back and let him know I had someone else, and how happy I am. But now... its so fucking annoying. I dont even read the texts anymore. I see the name in my inbox and it goes straight to the trash. I dont give a FUCKKK what he has to tell me, or what he has to say. Why would I? We're not even on a friendship level, period.

But last night it was brought to a whole new level. My ex boyfriend's current girlfriend called my phone. Not to spazz out or anything but to ask me why he has been texting me. My response was, "Umm.. well I'm sure you noticed there were no messages from me in the inbox, so I think you need to ask him why he is sending ME messages, cuz I have no idea." And then she went on to say that he still talks about me a lot and how she's tired of playing games with him and what not. It was just a very awkward situation. There was no point for the phone call to be made to me. She obviously has a lot to talk about with him.

I just think all this is very funny. And I know I'm not the only person this happens to. Sooo, I blogged about it.
Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Why do men sound so cute on the phone when they're just waking up?!
I called the boo this morning to wake him up and he had like jumped outta sleep and sounded all cute and tired and stuff... Mmm, melts my heart.

Boy in the Striped Pajamas...

SON, the movie was soooo freakin sad. It is about the Holocaust, so I knew it was gonna be a little sad. But with like 10 minutes left in the movie it takes like the craziest turn everrr! OMG... I didnt even expect it at all. It was crazyyyy.

My younger sister is learning about the Holocaust and all that in school right now. She actually just got done reading the Anne Frank book and actually watched the movie. She is just amazed that something like this could ever happen, which I'm sure lots of people are shocked. But if you get the chance or opportunity to see the movie, definitely watch it. It's like seeing the Holocaust through a curious child's eyes. Its wild... period.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Just A Little....

So, the interview went great. The woman I interviewed with was awesome and we just talked like we'd been friends forever. She asked about past jobs, and I told her all about the restaurant and I felt a lot better. The casino doesn't open up until August and since I still wont be 21 by then she's gonna have to give me some kinda bullshit job until March but she promised good hours and stuff. But reguardless I'm very excited. She said I have a lot of confidence and I'm very positive and a real people person. Not the first time I've heard any of that.

But other than that, I haven't been up to much. Trying to get on a regular sleeping schedule cuz the one I'm on now is ridiculous!!! I did go to sleep at like 8:30 last night tho and woke up at 7:30 this morning, too bad its the weekend and my schedule will probably be all screwed up again.

I watched Slumdog Millionaire this morning. It was dope!.. I really, really liked it and I can definitely see how it won so many awards. I also rented Doubt, but I dont think I'll get around to watching it. I didnt really wanna see it anyways. I'm trying to get Boy In The Stripped Pajamas tonight though. Some movie about the Holocaust. We'll see how that is.

But thats it for now... Hope everyone has a good weekend :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Can You Name One Song...

... That gives you chills everytime you hear it? Or that you can remember exactly where you were and when you heard it for the first time?

I was 2 years old when I Will Always Love You came out and I still remember sitting on my yellow fisher price chair singing along with the video whenever it came on VH1...


Why wont blog spot let me embed a youtube video to my posts? Its making me mad :(.. Can someone help me please?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Oh.. and P.S.

I just ate the most obese sour patch child. It was the biggest one I've ever seen. It took up like half the bag. But I would consider it a good deed. I saved it from worrying about juvenile diabetes.

OK, ok, ok.. That was the last blog for today. Promise.

Sooo I need advice...

I'm going on an interview tomorrow. Pittsburgh is opening up a casino and they are looking for all types of people and help and what not. I have a lot of places on my resume. Like while I was going to beauty school I worked at a tattoo shop and as a hostess/waitress for a family owned restaurant (not my family.. I dont even know them, but just some family).. The tattoo shop was great, minus a few retarded females and one fat ass. It was the restaurant that I had a problem with. I worked there a significant amount of time and the skills I gained and maintained there would probably look good on my resume.

BUT... I guess you could say I left on a bad note, not on purpose though. My hours were being cut and there was really no purpose for me to even travel to the restaurant to work, cuz it barely covered gas. AND not to mention the people I worked with were fuckin pigs and nasty and most had like serious criminal historys. I'm pretty sure I was under qualified for being the hostess, seeing as how I had only been arrested for being at an under age drinking party at age 15. I was being harrassed by dirty, nasty, fat cooks in the kitchen, even the owner was harrassing me. It was awkward.

I dont want my future employer to call and get a different story BUT I dont want to say "please dont call them." They dont wanna hear why I quit but I'm gonna tell you all how it went down.

So I specifically called off for Thanksgiving. They scheduled me and I found out the day before. I called in Thanksgiving morning to tell them I was quitting, neither the manager or the owner was there. I just didnt go in. Then the next day I stopped by after class, and STILL neither of them was there to talk to. I called when I got home and kept getting passed around and hung up on. Two days later I went back after class to formally quit and still the manager and owner werent there. So I just gave up. If someone calls and asks "Hey, was Katie employed there from ????-????" They'd probably say something smart like, "Oh, Katie? Yes she did. But she just got up and left one day and never came back, and we never heard from her again." That would NOT be a good look and could cost me the job.

So what do I do? Not put it on my resume? Put it on but tell them not to contact them? Or just put it on the resume and just let it go?

You're Wiggity-Wiggity WACKKKKK!

Ok, so I made a twitter account and deleted it after like a week and a half. The shit is soooo fluckin lame! I dont get it. You're answering a simple ass question. "What are you doing?" If someone were to ask you that question to your face, you'd say simple shit like, "eating chips" "shit, chillin" "sitting on the couch" "beating my meat" "watchin the game." But since its online and shit you wanna try and be all cute with some witty, little clever responses. YOU are NOT cute! And quite frankly I dont think anyone gives a FLUCK what you're doing. And wtf is a twitter? The marketing team couldnt come up with anything a little better and karizmatic?


1. IF you found out for certain there is a Heaven and Hell, how would you change your life?
I guess I would start going to church more.. and stop being so mean to people ALL the time.. just sometimes.

2. IF you had to select the one thing in life you feel the most guilty about, what would it be?
I dont feel guilty about anything really.

3. IF I could rid the earth of one thing, what would it be?
Every kind of caner

4. IF you could have the power to hypnotize anyone for a day, who would you pick and what would you have them do?
I would hypnotize Oprah and have her gimme her show or hypnotize Bill Gates and make him gimme all his money :)

5. IF you had to name the one thing that most frightens you about growing old, what would it be?
Just being very uncomfortable as I get older, like health wise.

6. IF you had to constantly carry a weapon of some kind, what would it be?
Brass Knuckles :)

7. IF you had to name the one most important ingredient of human beauty, what would you say it is?
Eyes. I think people's eyes can tell you a lot.

8.IF you could say (or have said) one thing to your father on his deathbed, what would it be?
Wow, this is a fucked up question...

9.IF you could have only one part of your body massaged every day, what part would you choose?
Definitely, my back

10.IF you were to choose the breed you would be if you were a dog, which type would best suit you?
Pitbull.. cuz I'm tough and strong as hell LOL... but not as ugly.. hmmm.

11. IF you had to name the one thing that repeatedly makes you angriest what would it be?

12. IF you were to be killed by an animal, what kind would you want it to be?
A snake? I think it might be like fast and wouldnt hurt so much.

13.IF you could change one thing about your face to make it more beautiful, what would you alter?
HA.. nothing, this face is the money maker... just joking.. I'd change all of it.. thank you.. next question...

14.IF you had to name the most beautiful bed you have ever occupied what would it be?
Grandma's bed!!!

15. IF you could suddenly find out that one work of fiction was actually true, what book would you select?
Everyone would wanna say Twilight.. But FUCK that.. I would choose The Five People You Meet in Heaven.

16. IF you could train a pet bird to do one thing for you and always return home again, what would it do?
Go poke Tom Brady in the eye, and return home with the eye ball still in its beak.

17. IF you could have won a single thing you tried for in your lifetime but didn't win, what would it be?
OMG.. the fucking spelling bee in 4th grade. It scarred me for life! Im such an idiot.

18.IF you could have known someone as a child that you now know, who would it be?
Mandible Buccinator!!!

19. IF you had to name the worst song to wake up to in the morning, what would it be?
Master P - Make Em Say Uhh.. first of all the song scares me and secondly, it sounds like an Ex-Lax commercial :-

20.IF just one aspect of your life functioned perfectly forevermore, what would you pick?
Relationships please

21.IF you were to have 2 new baby daughters, what would you name them?
Fern and Margie... blah, I dunno

22.IF you had to eliminate one emotion from your life, which would it be?

23.IF you suddenly found yourself at work, wearing women's erotic underwear and nothing else, what would you say (in one sentence) to your fellow workers?
"I Know this isn't a pleasant sight, and i apologize."

24.IF you were to pick the one thing that always makes you smile, what would it be?

25.IF you were to have two new baby sons, what would you name them?
Bartholomeu and Cardio... I dont like baby names, sheesh

Just One of Those Weekends...

Well I hope everyone had a great Easter. Mine sucked. Got some bad news early this morning that sucked, along with the disappointment of not seeing my boo. But what else is new? I feel like all my blogs are always complaining about stuff but honestly, good shit doesnt happen to me EVER!.. I mean good stuff happens. Like the usual: I woke up this morning, I was able to walk, eat, run, good hair days occasionally.. All that good stuff. But besides that. NOTHING! I feel like I'm cursed with bad luck everyday. Nothing ever works out, nothing great ever happens to me.

I think I need a vacation, all alone. I need a private, secluded island that has just enough room for me, myself, and I. Im not even much of a beach person, but I could really use the warm weather and the beautiful scenery. I just gotta get my mind and my thoughts and everything together. I need to start making moves, start using the connections I have to get a job, start making money, and just start over. My family is going to Florida May 1st-10th, but I decided not to go. I think I'd benefit more with a week and some change to myself. I'm actually pretty excited. But with my luck, something will happen and they'll decide not to go, or they'll think that their 20 year old daughter needs a babysitter or some bullshit like that.

But.. I hope everyone has a great week!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Well, well, well...

I havent had anything to blog about recently... Buttttt... Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Nosey as hell...Oops.

So I just sat for like 20 minutes and read this man's entire relationship past! Im a nosey ass person apparently, but it was so interesting, and its great to read something, created by a man, that doesn't involve sneakers and basketball and shit. AHHH! So if yall get time check out Mr.Hardwork 's Throwback blog post. Its crazy. I think everyone should write about their entire relationship history so I can read it :).. Imma think hard about mine and possibly post later. But we'll see.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I was following this little bastard cuz I thought he was a cute, little, fly ass kid on the show. This little boy is soooo friggin' annoying. HOLY SHITTT! 15 year old boys shouldnt post about gladiator heels and shit they dont know about. Stick to your weak ass little space ship clothing line, por favor.

The Son of a Legend

So I was reading an article on Marcus Jordan, Michael Jordan's son, choosing UCF as his college of choice. The article was completely ragging on him, saying stuff like UCF, what kinda school is that? And he's never gonna be as good as his father, and a bunch of other stuff, which is completely true. But I was thinking like DAMN, how bad would it suck if your father was the best basketball player of all time and your just good enough to get a scholarship to an o.k. school. Michael Jordan was a little before my time, and I've never been a big NBA fan, so the whole MJ hype train kinda blew right past me. I mean, up until now, I'm sure it would be cool to say like, "oh yeah, MJ is my dad." But now, Marcus Jordan is probably quiet as hell about it.. LOL...

BTW.. This is my 50th blogggg!!!! YAY!!!


Sir Tommy asked me to do MosDef and I did this like way back in high school. I dont like it much. I might try to re-do it sometime soon. There's a couple other people I'd like to attempt to paint as well. But we'll see.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Question for the Ladies...

If you could only wear one cosmetic product for one week, what product would you choose? what brand? and why?

I would definitely choose mascara. I think I have great eye lashes and using mascara just brings out my eyes more. So yeahhhhh..
And blah it's raining outside :(

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Everyone Claims to be Artists and ish...



Soooo.. I spent my entire Saturday night with this beautiful creature...

Since I've been home from California I haven't really got to really like chill with Mandi, who is my bff. Shes actually got a job so she's busy a lot :(..

But last night we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for the basketball games and we completely forgot that the Penguins were playing so we didn't know it was gonna be completely crowded. So we waited for a table for like 35 minutes. The hostess guy pointed at us and was like, "ok you two ladies are up." And I was like "if it's a huge table, one of these bigger parties can take it and we'll wait for the next booth or something." Then he makes me look dumb and says, "its just a table." So I was like alrighty then, we'll take it.

We get to the table and its a TABLE FOR SIX PEOPLE!
There was only 2 of us :( wtfff?! I felt stupid the entire time!..

Notice all the fuckin empty room..
Then some dudes that I went to high school with were there and they were all crammed into 3 tables, so they took advantage of our emptiness and came and chilled. And one of them is in love with Mandi now, so I'm trying to get that together :)
After we were done eating and stuff we drove around for awhile and stopped at Sheetz and got strawberry and banana smoothiesssss!

Then we accidentally got onto the PA Turnpike and got kinda lost. Got off at an exit and then got lost again in some kinda hick town. But I'm like the human map quest, so of course I found my way. Then we went to Fridays to meet up with some people and ended up talkin to 2 fuckin weird ass 35 year old dudes...

Dumb and fuckin' DUMBERRR.
So we only stayed for a little bit and then we left. All and all it was a pretty fun evening I guess. Came home and talked to the boo and actually went to sleep! I havent slept in awhile and it was amazing.
And then today the love of my life got me listening to Mariah Carey LOL.. So yeah, I gotta get ready for my little sisters soccer game and stuff.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Power of Music

Tonight I had to put some music on my dad's mp3 player cuz he doesnt even know how to turn on a computer. So after I was done I decided to mess with my mp3 player, you know remove and add some music. And I have to say I have a crazy variety of music, and its been like that for as long as I can remember. I remember being in like 4th or 5th grade listening to The Score or Madonna Bedtime Stories or Tom Petty, Billie Holiday, REM, and last but certainly not least Big L, Lifestylez ov da Poor and Dangerous. While most of my peers were listening to Nsync and Britney Spears, I was off on my own listening to good music. Dont get me wrong. I've done my share of singing along to Tearin' Up My Heart and Hit Me Baby One More Time, but that just wasn't my kinda music.

I was talking to my mom on the phone when I was out in California and she has gotten to the point where she can tell what kinda mood I'm in just by what song I'm listening to. When my parents would argue when I was younger I would go to my room and listen to music and just try not to think about it. My mom told me after all the arguing was done she would come up to my room and stand outside my door and listen. She knew I was upset and I guess she noticed the kinda music I would listen to at that time and just always remembered. Even to this day, if I'm pissed off, the headphones come on and I just zone out. I'm not very vocal about my feelings so I just get over shit my own way. And that way is to just listen to music and forget about it all. People think I bottle up emotions and all that, but I honestly dont. I'm very good at clearing shit up on my own.

Music also has the power to make you feel amazing, sad, inspired, and it can open your eyes to so many things. It's incredible.

WOW! My power just went out and my computer shut off and I thought I lost all of this. Jiminy Crickett!!!.. but yeahhh..

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Riding in the Desert on a Horse With No Name...

Sometimes I feel that, in a relationship, its easier to just get over things, rather than bring them up and talk about them. Like it would be more trouble to bring the topic up to your loved one, rather than just squash it yourself. Dont get me wrong, I definitely think you should tell your partner how you feel about different things but when its not really a big deal, I think I'd rather just chalk it up and keep it moving. Some things are better left unsaid? I mean, if you sat around and knit and picked at every little thing you were thinking or every little thing that got on your nerves, someone is gonna get annoyed, if not both of you. Am I right?... I mean...I'm still learning :)

Just Another Tuesday

I think I'm fighting off a bootleg version of strep throat. My throats been killing me for the past like 2 or 3 days. But I gotta suck it up and just pop them ibprofens and stuff. But today was a pretty good day. Laid in bed most of the morning and talked to my bubby bear, then a friend stopped over for a little bit and chilled.

I dunno if anyone watched The Bad Girls Club, but the reunion show was tonight and it was wild and Perez Hilton hosted it and he was hilarious! And also College Hill was on tonight, and blah. I HATEEE Milan. Her whole attitude and shit gets on my nerves, but Terri wasnt any better. I just wish they both would have went home. Soooo yeahh..

OMG! I forgot to blog about this like 2 weeks ago. After I got done coaching basketball up at my old high school I decided to go down to the track and run a little bit and no lie this old ass man WITH A CANE was running circles around me! I just left as soon as he passed me for the 3rd time. Completely outta shape, I am. I actually took a pic of him so yall would believe me :)

Yep.. thats him. It's such a shame.

But yeahhh.. Thats all I gotta say.