Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ex-Boyfriends and Radar...

I guess this could also be about ex-girlfriends, but I wouldn't know so I'm just gonna talk about ex-boyfriends for now. I'm pretty sure after everything ends with your relationship they have a happiness radar out on you. So they can find out the very moment you're the happiest with the new relationship your in, and thats when they POUNCE. Like a retarded, down syndromed cat, right back into your life. Whether it be thru text message, or phone call, or email, or IM, or even stopping by unannounced. They can tell that you're extremely happy and they see it as an opportunity to break something up, or they see it as a challenge to get you back. The weak at heart start to think about all the time you put into your ex, and all the "good times" you might have had and it makes you question the relationship you're in now. But the people that are genuinely happy, the people with strong hearts, see it as a joke. A pathetic, humorless joke. An annoyance, if you will. If your past relationship ended because your ex cheated, left you for someone else, lied to you, didn't give a shit, or all of the above, and you've gotten over it, and you've forgiven that person then thats when all of this becomes a joke.

The past couple months my ex has been texting me like once or twice a week. When he first started, I would entertain it and text back and let him know I had someone else, and how happy I am. But now... its so fucking annoying. I dont even read the texts anymore. I see the name in my inbox and it goes straight to the trash. I dont give a FUCKKK what he has to tell me, or what he has to say. Why would I? We're not even on a friendship level, period.

But last night it was brought to a whole new level. My ex boyfriend's current girlfriend called my phone. Not to spazz out or anything but to ask me why he has been texting me. My response was, "Umm.. well I'm sure you noticed there were no messages from me in the inbox, so I think you need to ask him why he is sending ME messages, cuz I have no idea." And then she went on to say that he still talks about me a lot and how she's tired of playing games with him and what not. It was just a very awkward situation. There was no point for the phone call to be made to me. She obviously has a lot to talk about with him.

I just think all this is very funny. And I know I'm not the only person this happens to. Sooo, I blogged about it.
Happy Tuesday!


Jillian said...

so feel you on this..i wrote this last month: http://sometimesifeellikeablog.blogspot.com/2009/03/this-is-how-i-know-im-doing-right.html

...with that same thought in mind!

as far as the phone call..you're right..no point in it...that was a test the water size you up calls...always have the option to change your number!

happy tuesday to you! :)

asia kismet said...

yo aint that the truth. yo i dated this guy once found out he had a wife...on MY BIRTHDAY! after my birthday dinner after he met my friends...on the drive back he says "i have a wife" fast forward almost a year...I'm in NY visiting friends. and she calls me...talk about awkward.

Assertive Wit said...

I guess some women make that call looking for closure or the push they need to leave his ass alone...I've laughed when I've gotten that call. Why are you calling me? Call that fool cause you and I have NOTHING to discuss.

But if you went cattywhompiss on that ass, you'd be the one in the wrong (according to some retarded people).

FrankieVonDoom said...

I guess its true. Wouldn't really know.

But its something to think about.

Tommy said...

Cliff Notes?!?!?!

Jk I'm tryin to think if ive ever been saltiest enough to throw salt on my exs relationship aaaaaaaaand nope i havent...theres no time for that move on...buy some shoes and find a new fish....just not a gayfish

K-Dub said...

Jillian- I LOVED your post, it was awesome. And the number change might be in order!

Damn Asia, you took it to a whole nother level with the wife. Thats wild.

Assertive Wit- I wish she would have found closure some other way, besides callin my ass, it was completely awkward! lol

LOL @ gayfish. Tommy, you KNOW you threw salt on an ex's game.. dont lie.

Tommy said...

honestly i havent thats not me i may joke her on some sly shhhh but thats about it

guys need to understand to keep it cordial what if she sucked relationship wise but was great in the sack hmmmmm

would i really wanna mess that up for the future

Bon Don said...

Hi Bon Don here!! found you through Jillz... and I have to tell you, your blog design is sooo cute!!

... oh and I agree with Jillian!

*Bon Don*

Sighfur said...

We'll he obviously fucked up cuz he doesnt have u and i do :) but ill rip his head off and give it to his mother in a wedding cake box, word to the movie Se7en.

stephanie said...

i feel you def;
shit happens all the time