Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Just Another Tuesday

I think I'm fighting off a bootleg version of strep throat. My throats been killing me for the past like 2 or 3 days. But I gotta suck it up and just pop them ibprofens and stuff. But today was a pretty good day. Laid in bed most of the morning and talked to my bubby bear, then a friend stopped over for a little bit and chilled.

I dunno if anyone watched The Bad Girls Club, but the reunion show was tonight and it was wild and Perez Hilton hosted it and he was hilarious! And also College Hill was on tonight, and blah. I HATEEE Milan. Her whole attitude and shit gets on my nerves, but Terri wasnt any better. I just wish they both would have went home. Soooo yeahh..

OMG! I forgot to blog about this like 2 weeks ago. After I got done coaching basketball up at my old high school I decided to go down to the track and run a little bit and no lie this old ass man WITH A CANE was running circles around me! I just left as soon as he passed me for the 3rd time. Completely outta shape, I am. I actually took a pic of him so yall would believe me :)

Yep.. thats him. It's such a shame.

But yeahhh.. Thats all I gotta say.


Jillian said...

old man was gettin it in!

oh i hope you don't have strep...feel better soon!!

micAh! said...

pathetic..smh That ol' man was shittin' on you and you think you can fuck with THIS on the court?! All I been doing if working out and lifting weights since I been here! You're

K-Dub said...

Umm.. excuse me sir.. But you let SHWAYZE shit all over you on the court.. I would never let that happen. I was just goin to the track to jog a little bit. That old ass wrinkled mess was there to sprint, theres a difference.. And call me emo one more time fucka!

micAh! said...

for the last time I ain't play the nigga hard *whoa* because I can't be hurting the headlining act! That would've been just wrong..

calm your emo ass down! go listen to some evanescence and write about your somber state of being...LMAO

K-Dub said...

Since when is Shwayze a headlining act?! More like opening act for the true musicians. You dont need to lie to us Micah.