Sunday, April 5, 2009


Soooo.. I spent my entire Saturday night with this beautiful creature...

Since I've been home from California I haven't really got to really like chill with Mandi, who is my bff. Shes actually got a job so she's busy a lot :(..

But last night we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for the basketball games and we completely forgot that the Penguins were playing so we didn't know it was gonna be completely crowded. So we waited for a table for like 35 minutes. The hostess guy pointed at us and was like, "ok you two ladies are up." And I was like "if it's a huge table, one of these bigger parties can take it and we'll wait for the next booth or something." Then he makes me look dumb and says, "its just a table." So I was like alrighty then, we'll take it.

We get to the table and its a TABLE FOR SIX PEOPLE!
There was only 2 of us :( wtfff?! I felt stupid the entire time!..

Notice all the fuckin empty room..
Then some dudes that I went to high school with were there and they were all crammed into 3 tables, so they took advantage of our emptiness and came and chilled. And one of them is in love with Mandi now, so I'm trying to get that together :)
After we were done eating and stuff we drove around for awhile and stopped at Sheetz and got strawberry and banana smoothiesssss!

Then we accidentally got onto the PA Turnpike and got kinda lost. Got off at an exit and then got lost again in some kinda hick town. But I'm like the human map quest, so of course I found my way. Then we went to Fridays to meet up with some people and ended up talkin to 2 fuckin weird ass 35 year old dudes...

Dumb and fuckin' DUMBERRR.
So we only stayed for a little bit and then we left. All and all it was a pretty fun evening I guess. Came home and talked to the boo and actually went to sleep! I havent slept in awhile and it was amazing.
And then today the love of my life got me listening to Mariah Carey LOL.. So yeah, I gotta get ready for my little sisters soccer game and stuff.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Tommy said...

the guy on the right looks like a laid off Enron exec

Jillian said...

mmmmmm that smoothie looks great!!!

micAh! said...

Gosh your life is exciting! *yawn*

K-Dub said...

Tommy- He probably is.. he had a bad attitude, it wouldnt surprise me.

Jillian- The smoothie was amazing!

Micah- Your the biggest shit talker, and for no reason. Blah