Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Son of a Legend

So I was reading an article on Marcus Jordan, Michael Jordan's son, choosing UCF as his college of choice. The article was completely ragging on him, saying stuff like UCF, what kinda school is that? And he's never gonna be as good as his father, and a bunch of other stuff, which is completely true. But I was thinking like DAMN, how bad would it suck if your father was the best basketball player of all time and your just good enough to get a scholarship to an o.k. school. Michael Jordan was a little before my time, and I've never been a big NBA fan, so the whole MJ hype train kinda blew right past me. I mean, up until now, I'm sure it would be cool to say like, "oh yeah, MJ is my dad." But now, Marcus Jordan is probably quiet as hell about it.. LOL...

BTW.. This is my 50th blogggg!!!! YAY!!!

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Jay_fever said...

damn Michael Jordan was before your time...Damn I feel old...lol