Monday, April 13, 2009

Sooo I need advice...

I'm going on an interview tomorrow. Pittsburgh is opening up a casino and they are looking for all types of people and help and what not. I have a lot of places on my resume. Like while I was going to beauty school I worked at a tattoo shop and as a hostess/waitress for a family owned restaurant (not my family.. I dont even know them, but just some family).. The tattoo shop was great, minus a few retarded females and one fat ass. It was the restaurant that I had a problem with. I worked there a significant amount of time and the skills I gained and maintained there would probably look good on my resume.

BUT... I guess you could say I left on a bad note, not on purpose though. My hours were being cut and there was really no purpose for me to even travel to the restaurant to work, cuz it barely covered gas. AND not to mention the people I worked with were fuckin pigs and nasty and most had like serious criminal historys. I'm pretty sure I was under qualified for being the hostess, seeing as how I had only been arrested for being at an under age drinking party at age 15. I was being harrassed by dirty, nasty, fat cooks in the kitchen, even the owner was harrassing me. It was awkward.

I dont want my future employer to call and get a different story BUT I dont want to say "please dont call them." They dont wanna hear why I quit but I'm gonna tell you all how it went down.

So I specifically called off for Thanksgiving. They scheduled me and I found out the day before. I called in Thanksgiving morning to tell them I was quitting, neither the manager or the owner was there. I just didnt go in. Then the next day I stopped by after class, and STILL neither of them was there to talk to. I called when I got home and kept getting passed around and hung up on. Two days later I went back after class to formally quit and still the manager and owner werent there. So I just gave up. If someone calls and asks "Hey, was Katie employed there from ????-????" They'd probably say something smart like, "Oh, Katie? Yes she did. But she just got up and left one day and never came back, and we never heard from her again." That would NOT be a good look and could cost me the job.

So what do I do? Not put it on my resume? Put it on but tell them not to contact them? Or just put it on the resume and just let it go?


Jillian said...

best rule of thumb is to always be don't talk bad about your previous employer if asked...if asked why you are no longer employed, provide a neutral response and make it about you...

good luck!!

Tommy said...

I hope you make it, but if we're goin off your blog you may be unemployed for a while lolz

jk good luck