Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I was following this little bastard cuz I thought he was a cute, little, fly ass kid on the show. This little boy is soooo friggin' annoying. HOLY SHITTT! 15 year old boys shouldnt post about gladiator heels and shit they dont know about. Stick to your weak ass little space ship clothing line, por favor.


micAh! said...

He's a kid BARELY younger than yo ass.. give him a break. smh ol' grinch self.

p.s. you wrong for that pic of him though. LMAO Fake ass chris brown

Andrina said...

ROFLMAO...tell us how you REALLY feel

asia kismet said...

i'm out the loop cause i don't even know who that is.

Assertive Wit said...

asia: hahahhahahaha I didn't know who he was either and I was so confused like why is she going so hard on this kid...then I clicked on the picture and the hyperlink said "diggy" hahahhahahahahah

K-Dub: does he have a blog? if so, please share the link so I can see what you are talking about...I want to see why would he be talking about gladiator heels in the first place...that seems a little sus LOL

K-Dub said...

Micah- He's atleast half a decade younger than me. Thats a lot so PLEASE shut up... And that pic is pretty bad LOL

Andrina- I always speak on how I really feel. On blogspot its ok, in real life, not so much LOL

Asia- I'm sorry, I shoulda said who it was or gave a brief description before I went in like that.

Assertive Wit- I just tried to look for his blog again, BUT sadly I couldnt find it. His blog name was like Life of a Jet Setter or something like that tho.

micAh! said...

type his name in the search space on my blog to get a link for his blog because I think I shitted on his blog back in the day..