Thursday, May 14, 2009

Chugga-Chugga, Choo-Choo

So when Sam was in Pittsburgh with me, I took him to the Science Center, on a friday. Which was a bad idea cuz a lot of schools go there on field trips and stuff. So there was mad kids everywhere but it was all good. We went to this miniture train/railroad thing and it was amazing!... There was like a whole little town and everything moved. There was like kids swinging on swings, and people moving around in the houses and stuff. The shit had to take a long ass time to create but it was sick. So I thought I'd just share some of the pics he took with his phone :)

Happy Thursday!!!


Jillian said...

aww those are too cute...amazing that someone took the time to make something so detailed and beautiful....

ooh and I LOVED the were Mimi?..LOVE IT!!?!! She was a little feisty one...not as feisty as Angel lol but any pictures or footage? hehehhe

Jay_fever said...

looks pretty fly. I'm sure I would've bugged out over these joints when I was a kid