Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Reason for My Absence

The boo took a week off work and came down to visit me, and I had the best 10 days of my life! We just chilled, watched basketball, made food, played basketball, threw a baseball around, went to the science centerrrr, and played scrabble... He was suppose to leave on friday morning but ended up getting his ticket pushed back until this morning :)... But now I'm packing to take a bus to see him tonight LOL.. What can I say? We're in love and cant be apart from eachother.

But other than thattttt... I dont know what else to talk about. I hope everyone had a great week and Happy Mother's Day!!!


Jillian said...

:) well you just go ahead girl :)

enjoy and tell us all about it when you get back :)

Sighfur said...

that nigga looks retarded, but he loves you very much!

Tommy said...

the young kids say i cupcake so i have the chance now to do the dame

ooooooooh K is cupcakin lol

i'm not the only one hugged up i see

K-Dub said...

Thank you Jillian! :)

I Love you too Sighfur lol...

Tommy, no one is cupcakin son! HUSH.. You and BV are the definition of cupcakin tho LOL..

Danny Love said...

Awhhhhh Kateeeeeeeeee
Ya'll look adorable.

Muh bestie and my white girl <3
This is going to make em' hate even more.


lubber yaw

Have fun tonight chickita

micAh! said...

Jesus niggaz is on that Betty Crocker cake mix hard these days..smh

Single Life FTW!

Sighfur said...

you sound like a scorned lover Micah, its okay son, you'll find a faithful girl one day.