Monday, May 18, 2009

Updates Cupcakes

Im still in New Jersey with the boo. Having a great time. 
On thursday we went to his sister's house and I got to meet her and Sam's nephews and neice. They were all adorable and full of energy. The three boys thought I had cooties, and his neice Lily, who is the youngest, chilled with me most of the day, painting and playing computer games and stuff. We stayed the night and left Friday night and when we got home we just chilled cuz we were so tired!
We went to the boardwalk on Saturday for a little bit. It was pretty cold and everything was all foggy and stuff. But it was really nice to atleast see the ocean and stuff. As soon as we went back across the bridge there was no more fog and the sun was out. But whatevaaa. 
I plucked Sam's eyebrows last night LOLLL.. I didnt do a lot cuz I dont want him looking like a female but he had hair growing down his eye lids and stuff hahaa. 
Yesterday we also helped his cousin move and I got to meet more of his family and of course everyone is very nice, not to mention hilarious. 
Now, I'm sitting here, typing this out while he plays Final Fantasy 7.

But I've been wanting to write a blog and I just didnt know what to write about. So you'll be getting updates until I can think of a blog with some substance to write about.

Happy Monday!!!


Sighfur said...

lies, you aint pluck shit!!!

Gee-Nah Muh-Ree said...

You guys are so cute.
I'm happy that you're so happy. Love is wonderful ..♥

Aww and you're meeting the family so you guys are extra extra serious .. awww adorable

Tommy said...

hmmmmmmm i'll leave the site open for a little bit then

K-Dub said...

Sam, I plucked your eyebrows and they look amazing, HURSH!

Gee-Nah- Thank you so much. Hope you're having a great week!

Thomas, no one threatened to shut your site down when pics of you and BV started dropping, so you stop this!!!


Final Fantasy VII is dope.
But IX was my favorite.