Monday, June 1, 2009

Million Ear

On May 10th, I took a grey hound bus from Pittsburgh, PA to Newark, NJ. It was only scheduled to be a 7 hour and 25 minute drive, but it ended up being close to 9 hours. 
So, on with the story. That was the day I took the boo to the bus station in the morning. We went to bed at like 2 am the night before and we had to get up at 3:45 am and be at the bus terminal by 4:45 am cuz the bus leaves at 5:20 am. 
Of course the bus was late and it didnt get there till about 6:20, but it was all good. As soon as he got on the bus, I rushed home to get shit ready and get on the next bus to Newark. I was in a huge hurry, I didnt sleep at all. I did half a load of laundry and took half wet clothes with me in my luggage, and it smelled great whenever I got here, lemme tell ya. 
But while I was on the bus I talked to a few of the people in the back of the bus. An older man with dreds had some kinda African accent and he was a professor at the University of Pennsylvania. Another person I talked to was this dude that went to school in Alabama, and he played ball and we talked about how I liked Lebron and how he was in love with Kobe. He attended community college and swore up and down he's the best, but he still hasn't seen any PT.
But as I was trying to sleep, this dude sits down next to me, talking so fast I can barely understand him. He told me that he's been on the bus for 3 days and like 14 hours. He took a bus somewhere near San Diego, CA and his final destination was Newark. 
He was like, "I'm about to give you something that is going to make you extremely happy." And then he hands me this 1 million dollar bill. Of course its fake but he went on to tell me about how he found about 5 of them in Las Vegas, and he thought I would like one. 

So yeahhh, that's my 1 million dollar bill story :)


Jillian said...

lol nice...

damn 3 days on a bus?....GEEZE!

hmmm maybe the bill will bring some luck your way (if you believe in that sort of thing lol)

hope you are having a great Monday luv!!

micAh! said...

This is why I fly so I don't have to deal w/ weirdos..

K-Dub said...

Yeah Jillian, thats whats I thought too. 9 hours was long enough on the bus, so I cant imagine 3 days.

Micah- I've seen plenty of weirdos on planes, so hush.