Monday, June 1, 2009

Foot Action

No one loves feet as much as I do.... Okay, that's a big ass lie. I HATE feet! Especially the ones to your left. Those are the boo's feet, and ugh! He's got like finger toes and a big, fat ass big toe. LOLLL... Socks are mandatory around these parts. I think I have model feet, but if you go around touching them, you will catch these pretty ass feet to your chin. I hate looking at feet, I hate touching feet, I hate hearing feet rub together. YUCKKK!!!... Guys that have like feet fetishes, and guys that recieve "footjobs" and shit like that are fucking GROSS!!!!! You should kill yourself. 

But anyways... Yes, the picture on this blog is disgusting and nasty and atrocious, but they are my boo's feet. And I love him from head to ANKLEEE! Fuck those nasty ass tootsies... :)


Jillian said...


damn for putting him on blast

but I LOVE the unconditional love! hahahaha

LMAO @ from head to ankle

you get on my open toe shoe pledge ms. model feet?? lol

Ms_Slim said...

LMAO! This blog made me chuckle a good one!

I dont HATE feet (cuz mine are so pretty lol) but they are one of my least fav body parts of a man haha

asia kismet said...

i get scared of the pointing toe being longer than the big toe...i dont know why...but that freaks me out.

Sighfur said...

Don't hate on my finger toes, Katie sucked on all of them with hotsauce all over them, word to Don't Be A Menace. I need to clip my toe nails though, ill let Katie give me a Pedicure with her teeth.

micAh! said...

*blank stare*

homie need to channel his inner Ike and correct you for putting him on blast like that.

You're outta pocket...

K-Dub said...

Micah- are you alone cuz you use to beat your girlfriends and ex fiance? LOL.. figures, lonely bastard.