Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I guess this question would be geared more towards women.
I've been seeing commercials on tv for this Intense Arousal Gel for women. I, myself, have never used lubricant of any kind but if theres a product out there that might make my orgasm even better than it already is, I may be interested, eventhough I might have a freakin epilepsy.
So, if you've used it, lemme know. If you've heard about it, lemme know. If you're a guy and your girl has used it, lemme know. I guess I'm just curious and nosey.

Happy Tuesday! :)


~ Courtney Lynn ~ said...

So I haven't used this particular one...but I did use KY His & Mines...and I mean I felt a little different...but it was nothing like the commercials...which made me :-( ! In my opinion it was just like any other lube! If anything...and I hope this isn't too personal...but try the heated condoms by Trojan...at first they freaked me out...but then I was like...Oh Ok!!!

Side Note: I saw your from Pittsburgh, so am I...not to be a creeper or anything...just spotted that!

Assertive Wit said...

I can't use stuff like this because it makes me feel like I'm on fire...and not in a good way LOL

Sighfur said...

weirdo, we ain't using that shit, we do perfectly fine all naturally ;)

micAh! said...

I used the his & her joint. One night in the heat of the moment I accidentally put the "hers" shit on my dick cuz it was dark and I grabbed the wrong one. Had my shit on fire!

JaG said...

check my blog


Lube is for buttsex.
Nothing more.