Friday, July 24, 2009

Caught In The Act

Yesterday, Sam and I got caught having sex by his cousin.
First time I've ever been caught but thank God it was his cousin and not anyone else. But the awkward part of it was that I was tied up and couldn't get untied cuz Sam was too busy covering himself up.

His cousin offered to take a ride around the block a couple times. But I wasn't in the mood anymore.



Hard Work said...

LMAO... every part about this blog is awesome...

micAh! said...

tied up? Kinky aren't we?

K-Dub said...

Hard Work - Yeah, this blog is funny, after the fact lol... It wasnt so funny when I couldnt get untied.

micAh- A little kkinky I guess :) Thats what white girls do.

Kim said...

*deaddd* lmao