Saturday, July 18, 2009


This is my 100th post!!!!

I figured since I'm bored (and home alone on a Saturday night) that I'd do a special post and thank all the people that comment my blogs by just acknowledging their pages :)

In no particular order:

and last but certainly not least

If you dont take the time to check out every single one of these blogs then you're crazy cuz they are all amazing.
But thanks for all the comments and stuff.
If you're following me and you dont see your name here. Tough shit. You dont comment me enough to remember you. So take a hint.

Have a great weekend :)


Anonymous said...

awww i love shout outs thanks girl && keep bloggin!! seems like everyone is fallin off theyr blog game lol

Jenny Fidelity said...

AWWWWWH You shouted at me. LOL
Miss ya' Katieeeeee

new blog baby cakes

- Jenny