Friday, August 21, 2009

A-B-C's.. easy as 1-2-3.

So I stole this from Micah and my girl Fresh Princess

A - age : twenty :)
B - bedsize : Full... but since I share the bed its more like an extra small twin. blah lol
C - chore you hate : I dont really have any chores, except washing dishes and I dont mind that.
D - dog's name : Dont have a dog but if I did, his name would be DoJo
E - essential start of your day item : 'N Sync, No Strings Attached Album
F - favorite color : Daffodil yellow <3>
G - gold or silver : Silver please
H - height : five'four
I - instruments you play(ed) : A little piano, and I played the recorder back in the day.
J - job title : Receptionist/Wifey/Favorite Daughter of both parents/Amazing older sister/ect...
K - kids : Negative, stretch marks are not for me at this time in my life!
L - living arrangements : The boobie boo.
M - moms name : Marian aka Mamacita
N - nicknames : K-Dub
O - overnight hospital stay besides birth : When I broke 3 ribs and they were puncturing my lungs. That was a long stay.
P - pet peeve : When people dont do what I tell them to.
Q - quote from a movie : "Girl Power" - Spice World
R - real shit : My blog will be cooler than yours sooner or later.
S - siblings : 2 younger sisters, 2 turtles, and 1 puppy
T - time you wake up : 6:30 am
U - underwear : Brown
V - vegetables you dislike : tomatoes
W - ways you run late : Other people taking their sweet ass time.
X - xrays youve had : xrays on my ribs/leg/shoulder
Y - yummy food you make : tune salad? I dont know how to cook :-\
Z - zoo favorites : Stinky elephants,they're hugeee!

Happy Friday!


Sighfur said...

You spelled Tuna wrong....but i guess since you don't know how to cook, its okay.

micAh! said...

^ethered by ya


BITER...smh but at least you gave credit.. Fresh stole the shit from me too..