Sunday, August 2, 2009


I'm looking into getting one of those little netbook computers. I think they're soooo cute and it would be perfect for me. I'm inbetween a Toshiba and a Gateway. The Gateway is a much better deal but I like the keys on the Toshiba LOLLL..

All I really do on the computer is check stuff and blog. I dont download and all that BS so I'm thinking it would be cool.

But we shall see...

If you have a netbook, lemme know how you like it, and what brand it is!!!

Happy Sunday! :)

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Anonymous said...

thats a smart investment
only bad thing is youl have 2 get an external harddrive 2 save all yur pics && music on =/
but i like the fact that they have little memory cuz u hav such a smaller chance of getting a virus or a lot of spam
hope u find 1 u like =]