Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wedding Bells

So as some of you may know, I'm engaged to be married pretty soon.
Yes, I'm completely and 100% excited.
I'm young and all that and I dont plan on telling my parents until after its done.
Theres a lot of stuff that would be a lot easier if we were married and a lot of people really wouldn't understand. So we think a very small, courthouse type wedding is perfect for now and then in a year or so we'd have a real wedding.

But I was laying in bed last night thinking about all the good things about being married. And then I thought about when we get old. Now that I know we're getting married, and I'm going to be spending my life with him, I want him and I to live forever. Stay exactly how we are today, and never get any older.
I'm scared cuz if anything ever happens to him, I'll live the rest of my life alone.
Theres no way to replace someone like him in your life. He's my soul mate, my bestfriend, and my soon to be husband.


So if anyone knows where the fountain of youth is located. Just google map the directions and send them my way :)

Happy Tuesday!!!


micAh! said...

"*cough* don't do it *cough*" - (c) Vince Vaughn in Old School

K-Dub said...

You're gay and a hater, and no one should ever take your advice. Have fun down Lonely Blvd schmeegle.

Jillian said...

did i miss a post about this? lol

well congratulations

and i love the profile pic :)

Jay_fever said...