Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What Happened When You Were A Child?

So, I was on my way to work today and on the radio they were talking about things that happened to you as a child, that scarred you as an adult?

They got to talking and I already knew what happened to me, but then some girl on the radio says the exact same thing that scarred me. But I'll tell you my story instead of hers.

When I was younger, probably 8 or 9, I was at my aunt's house. My aunt walked into my cousin Jonathon's room and he was beating off to porn. I was down stairs in the living room and I could hear her yelling.

She came down stairs looked at me and said, "If you watch porn and pleasure yourself, all your dead relatives in heaven are going to see you do it!"

So now I cant "pleasure" myself unless I'm under like a blanket or something, cuz I feel like they cant see under them? LOLL.. I dunno.

But anyways, what is something that happened to you as a child that scarred you as an adult?


Happy Hump Day!


ryan said...


ok well mine is lame but..
i can not eat traditional finger foods with my hands cuz my mom scared me by saying u never know who touched your food....(which makes no sense at all cuzz weather im touching it or not its still getting eaten therfore the germ thing is stupid.

but because of that i tend to use forks on traditional finger foods like chicken fingers, hot dogs, pizza etc...

weird i know but whatevs

Sighfur said...

We dont have sex under the blankets? You think your dead relatives can see us?

.....Howard the Duck creeped me out when i was a kid. So I dont like anyone that even resembles his bitch ass. Such as, Master P.

BEATZ said...

Chucky from Child's Play creeped me out. I'm still creeped out by him because he isn't just a doll. He's an experienced killer in a doll's body. Most people don't recognize that simple fact.