Friday, October 23, 2009

Halloween Shmalloreen

So I havent really gone all out and celebrated Halloween like I use to back in high school. Halloween is suppose to be the holiday where a girl can dress slutty and get away with it. I'm pretty sure I gave that up as soon as I graduated HS. Except for last year. I was a sexy golfer and a love bug klajefijawkjfawejijLOLLLL...
But anyways, this year I have no plans, EXCEPT... I'm going home. Back to Pittsburgh, PA aka Steel City, aka City of Champions. I'll get to spend time with my parents and my sisters and I'll finally be able to see my grandma, who I havent seen in awhile. I'm sooo excited.
My younger sister wants me to go see Paranormal Activity with her, which I've been wanting to see anyways. And I might try and go to my high school's football game on Friday night, depending on the weather and what time I get into town.
So I hope everyone else has an awesome and safe Halloween. And if your costume is wack I hope you get pulled over for DUI!

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ryan said...

THANK U good stuff idk what im doing at night but during the day im going to the florida georgia game back at home in jax, fl. go gators lol...but i might trick or treat w/ my baby sis later after the game ....have a good wknd