Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thankful for Turkey

So last year around this time I wasnt blogging yet about anything interesting. But if I was I would have blogged about how I had my Thanksgiving meal at some restaurant with my Aunt Kathy. It was horrible and depressing! My Aunt Kathy and I were the only family we had out in Cali so we spent it together, but alone. :(

BUT.. This year I'll be spending it with family. I'm going to my husband's brother in law's brother's house for Thanksgiving. I cannot wait to eat!

I'm not too sure about going out early on Black Friday. I know I'll be out there at some point, just might not be at 4am.

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving though!

She is NOT a Good Sharer!

Theres this bitch at work, that got chocolates from one of her clients. She's the first to tell EVERYONE about it, but then wants to say, "I'm not giving anyone any of MY chocolate, it's MINE."

BITCH, its CHOCOLATE, not a million dollars. You grimey, greedy, trifflin, schmeegle faced TRAMP! I hope you hold on tight to that chocolate and it melts in your hands you dirty smut! Last time I checked you hit 30 last year. STOP acting like a little brat child!


Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


There was a link I was looking at today that allows you to send socks with no labels to troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. I use to do stuff like this all the time back in high school. Send like shoe boxes full of like tooth brushes, deodorant, lotion. Shit like that.

But what I've always really wanted to do is send them like cookies, and porn, and funny ass movie, and shit like that. I think that's shit that they'd really enjoy.

But how would I know. I dont.

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

I dont know how many of you got to do this as a kid. But at the catholic grade school I went to, we had something called Santa's Workshop. All the kids got to bring in money and go shopping to buy their family and friends small (shitty) gifts. And after you were done buying them you got to wrap them up and bring them home and put them under the tree.

I know it still goes on there and at the surrounding schools and I still, to this day, dont know a kid that waited till Christmas to give their loved ones their gifts. Especially me! As soon as I got home, I was making everyone open up the gifts I got them. The sailboat paperclip holder, and #1 mom keychain were always a hit! LOL
Just reminiscing!

Dont Ask If You Dont Wanna Know!

So I want to start off by saying that I've been working on a scrap book for the past couple days. I got like 2 pages done so far! Sooo proud of myself cuz I usually would never have the patience or attention span to do something like that.
(glimpse of scrap book below)

But anyways, as I was working on it last night my husband was watching the NBA game and I just thought I'd ask him a question. I dont know how or why this question popped into my head and I dont know why I asked it. But I turned to him and said, "if me and you never met and didnt know eachother and you had the chance to sleep with Mariah Carey would you do it?" And pretty much, without any hesitation, he turns to me and says, "yeah."

I dont know why but I was flabbergasted. First of all I thought he was gonna lie about it, and say something like, "no of course not." And then another part of me just thought of Mariah Carey. I dont think she's cute/pretty/beautiful/hot or any of that in any way. Yeah she's a singer and she's won awards and been in awful movies. She like old, and she's built funny. And then I just thought about him fucking Mariah Carey and I felt nauseous!


Happy Tuesday!

Douchey Boys!!!

On the way to work this morning, they were talking about douchey guys on the radio and the game they try to run on girls at the bar. So I thought I'd list some that I know of:
  • Going to bars on payday, with their entire paycheck, and spending it like they can afford it. And then look at you funny when you order something other than a beer, cuz they gotta dish out more than $5. --- Stop trying to LOOK like you're ballin' when you're not. It's not cute. Its just gonna leave you lonely AND broke!
  • They have a keychain with a car maker's logo of a car they dont have/cant afford. Then they sit and put their keys on the bar, as if a keychain is going to impress you. -- Did you steal that keychain from your mom's mercedes station wagon?
  • When they go up and tell the bartender that someone left their lights on in a brand new Jaguar. And then they get up and go outside, only to check on their Toyota Prius. -- You're not fooling anybody!
  • When he comes to the bar with his "wing man" and sends his friend to hit on a girl in a trashy way, and then he comes in to be captain save a ho! -- This one NEVER works.
I think its hilarious! So if I missed any just add em, and guys, add anything you've ever done at the bar too, unless you dont wanna share your secrets!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Anyone That Knows Me...

... Knows that I LOVEEEE me some true life.
I'm a girl that loves other people's drama. I cant help it. I'm like addicted.

Soooo... Yesterday, I went on looked at new shows they are coming out with, and some old ones. Then I see this section that says "Sign up for True Life"

So I'm looking down the list of categories they're looking for. I see, "Addicted to Meds" "My Family is Falling Apart" and then I see "I'm a Newlywed!"

Sooo, of course I sign me and my husband up.

So cross your fingers cuz your favorite blogger could pop up on MTV at any time!

Happy Friday Eve!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"I Gotta Get Back On My Bloggin, YO!"

I feel like everyone has been saying, "I gotta get back to blogging." "I'm gonna start bloggin again." "I havent blogged in a minute."

Maybe not everyone but definitely me.
But I havent really been doing shit. Wait... Lemme rephrase that.
I've been doing mad shit but nothing that is blog worthy I guess.
I havent had a weekend to just chill in a while, and I've been running around non-stop, but nothing significant besides going back to Pittsburgh 2 weekends ago.

So I gotta really start this again cuz I really enjoy it.
Just gotta think about something to blog about again.

Happy Tuesday!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Facebook Bitches, SMH!

I'm sure we're all fimilar with the Fort Hood situation by now.
Look @ this fuckin Britanie bitch. Who does she think she is?
Have a little empathy, you fuckin schmeegle. Ugh!

I'm No Bartender, But...

I hate in movies when a dude is at a busy bar and he asks the bartender what a woman all the way at the end of the bar is drinking.
You know for a fact that the bartender would never know the answer to that shit in real life.
I'd be like "bitch, I dunno, I poured that shit 45 minutes ago."
I dunno, that just gets on my nerves.
Happy Friday!