Thursday, November 12, 2009

Anyone That Knows Me...

... Knows that I LOVEEEE me some true life.
I'm a girl that loves other people's drama. I cant help it. I'm like addicted.

Soooo... Yesterday, I went on looked at new shows they are coming out with, and some old ones. Then I see this section that says "Sign up for True Life"

So I'm looking down the list of categories they're looking for. I see, "Addicted to Meds" "My Family is Falling Apart" and then I see "I'm a Newlywed!"

Sooo, of course I sign me and my husband up.

So cross your fingers cuz your favorite blogger could pop up on MTV at any time!

Happy Friday Eve!


La'Donna's Random Rants said...

Gett emm Becky! *fingers crossed*

ryan said...

best of luck :)

~ Courtney Lynn ~ said...

If you got on that would be SOOOOOO FUCKING DOPE! Man I watch that shit on almost like everyday...I'm a True Life much so that if I'm in another room I can tell you which on it is...I can even go word for word with some of them....yes I know...SAD! LOL! Good Luck...I can't wait to be all up in your LIFE...LOL!

Sighfur said...

im kuffi smackin camera dudes if they're up in my grill... or interrupt me when im watching nba games.