Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Douchey Boys!!!

On the way to work this morning, they were talking about douchey guys on the radio and the game they try to run on girls at the bar. So I thought I'd list some that I know of:
  • Going to bars on payday, with their entire paycheck, and spending it like they can afford it. And then look at you funny when you order something other than a beer, cuz they gotta dish out more than $5. --- Stop trying to LOOK like you're ballin' when you're not. It's not cute. Its just gonna leave you lonely AND broke!
  • They have a keychain with a car maker's logo of a car they dont have/cant afford. Then they sit and put their keys on the bar, as if a keychain is going to impress you. -- Did you steal that keychain from your mom's mercedes station wagon?
  • When they go up and tell the bartender that someone left their lights on in a brand new Jaguar. And then they get up and go outside, only to check on their Toyota Prius. -- You're not fooling anybody!
  • When he comes to the bar with his "wing man" and sends his friend to hit on a girl in a trashy way, and then he comes in to be captain save a ho! -- This one NEVER works.
I think its hilarious! So if I missed any just add em, and guys, add anything you've ever done at the bar too, unless you dont wanna share your secrets!


ryan said...

I LAUGH AT the 1's with all that grease in their hair and a shirt 3 sizes to small that would prolly fit mickey mouse. and lol at ur pic well done

DiJon said...

I just walk over to ol' girl and politely hit her over the head with a beer bottle. As she passes out I catch her and carry her out the club/bar. The rest is well.....history.