Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"I Gotta Get Back On My Bloggin, YO!"

I feel like everyone has been saying, "I gotta get back to blogging." "I'm gonna start bloggin again." "I havent blogged in a minute."

Maybe not everyone but definitely me.
But I havent really been doing shit. Wait... Lemme rephrase that.
I've been doing mad shit but nothing that is blog worthy I guess.
I havent had a weekend to just chill in a while, and I've been running around non-stop, but nothing significant besides going back to Pittsburgh 2 weekends ago.

So I gotta really start this again cuz I really enjoy it.
Just gotta think about something to blog about again.

Happy Tuesday!


Sincerely, Me said...

Hey stumbled upon your blog and I think its really good!!!! KEEP BLOGGING! Im having the same problem tryna keep up wit it 2 so I can relate!

La'Donna's Random Rants said...

Yess Becky!! come back to blogging world! I havent seen you or Sammuelz in a minute! hope your both doin well xx