Friday, November 6, 2009

I'm No Bartender, But...

I hate in movies when a dude is at a busy bar and he asks the bartender what a woman all the way at the end of the bar is drinking.
You know for a fact that the bartender would never know the answer to that shit in real life.
I'd be like "bitch, I dunno, I poured that shit 45 minutes ago."
I dunno, that just gets on my nerves.
Happy Friday!


ryan said...

"bitch, I dunno, I poured that shit 45 minutes ago."

*DEAD* lmao this is true

the other thing i'v noticed is in the movies they never tell the person who is ordering how much it cost...i know strange but i'd like to see how much that rich ass actor has to pay lol jk

Sighfur said...

i hate when were watching movies, and you predict everything thats gonna happen and u ruin it for me.

dining room chandelier said...

movies are getting way to cheesy these days