Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Instantly Gratified!

I HATE shopping online!!!
I'm definitely into instant gratification. If I buy or pay for something, I want it right away. I hate having to wait for shit to come in the mail. And not to mention, I dont trust UPS, USPS, FedEx, eventhough they've never screwed me over in any kind of way.
I dunno why. I just rather go to the store or where ever and get the stuff I need.
I ordered a Wii game from Walmart.com for my sister. And I was tracking it online and it said that it was delivered but I never got anything. So I had my husband call and see what happened. And they ended up sending another one, free of charge, and overnighted. But we ended up getting the first one we ordered the next day. So now I have two. LOLLL..
I'm so impatient.
Happy Tuesday :)


ryan said...

I AM THE SAME I BOUGHT SOMETHING 2 WEEKS ago and supposedly its at my doorstep when i get home smh 2 weeks

khaki said...

sending another one out right aways is great customer service. Im not too big on shopping online either.

Jay_fever said...

Lol...I love shopping online after I've established trust with the shop...but before that happens It sucks. Nothing like the feeling that ya just might get screwed...its even worse when that feeling becomes a reality.

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