Friday, December 4, 2009

You're Welcome > No Problem???1

I'm not sure about you, but when someone says "thank you" to me, I usually reply with a "no problem." I was told today at work that it's rude and that you should always say, " You're welcome."

I dont get it. I was on the phone with a customer helping them out with a problem and as we were hanging up she said, "oh thank you so much." I replied with a, "no problem" and hung up. Then some bitch next to me was like, "you should always say 'you're welcome' because 'no problem' is sometimes considered rude."

WTF?! Why is this the first time I ever heard this?

Anyways, TGIF!


khaki said...

uhm, that person is stupid. the end.

Kev Kennedy said...

hey, no problem sometimes can be rude because if you really think about it it's almost like saying there would have been a problem or could have been a problem that they asked for help. not a big deal it's all in context. nice blog. thanks for my nice comment on nt.

BecsLifeOnline said...

Haha! I always automatically say "no problem" as well! I've never been confronted about it but I have been trying to train myself to say "you're welcome" not cos i think no problem is rude but... well I dunno why I wanted to change what I said to be honest. Anyway, I can't! I've tried but "no problem" pops out of my mouth before I've even had time to think of a reply. Thanks for this post, it made me smile :-)

Mary said...

I know what you mean! It's funny. I didn't know either until this past year. I was told it's better to say "anytime" instead of "no problem." I never noticed it until I said "No problem" to a co-worker and he responded, "Well, was it a problem to begin with?"

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