Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Whistle While You Work

So work has been stressing me out BIG TIME! I mean, I know work isnt suppose to be fun, and I definitely dont think I have the worst job in the world. Not at all. But it's just so draining. For those that dont know, I'm a receptionist/support rep for a software company. I answer phones and only talk to people that are having problems with the software so they're always in a bad mood! Once you help someone and you're feeling good, another one calls with a new problem and most of the time they have an attitude or they're yelling. It's like I never get anywhere.
I work full time, and it sucks. If bills didnt need to be paid and the money wasnt so good, I'd rather be working a mall job.
I'm not even 21 years old yet and I come home from work at like 5:30 and I get in my p.j.'s and I watch tv until I go to bed around 9pm. This is a schedule for like a 40 year old. I'm miserable and I take it out on my husband and thats completely the wrong thing to do.
I know I need to suck it up for right now and just do what I gotta do until something better comes along but it's really hard.
But enough about work and complaining. I guess I just needed to vent.
Hope everyone had a good day :)


KathyV said...

I can see how your job would be frustrating. I'm an administrator and I have the most worthless secretary who ever claimed to have computer skills. She is the source of my frustration and otherwise I have a really cushy job. I'm 38 years old and have had some really crap jobs in the past. Hang in there! You'll find the job for's just another one of those "tests" that those in their early 20's have to endure....they say it builds character...I don't agree but either way, ya gotta pay the bills. Right? Hope things get better for ya!

Khatol said...

uuh, good luck with your job! ;)

Sighfur said...

but bitttcchhhh you got money to bloowwwwww, you gettin it innn, letting those bills fall all over my skinnn

The Writers Blog said...

I'm so sorry ... such a nasty job dealing with unhappy people, and there are so many of them too!

Pls find something fun to do!! Lots of fun to look forward to. And remember, those grumps have worse lives than you do, pity them, pamper you.

YellowLemon in WhiteWorld said...

Who said that job is not supposed to be fun? I would say that our career should be fun...If you work solely for the money, i bet u will not enjoy ur job...So, Im working for my passion, n thats y my job is FUN...^^
get the right job for urself....good luck....

YellowLemon in WhiteWorld said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
thatz tanuj's way said...

if you start loving hat you are doing then......your work will nothing except fun......just any how fall in love with it.....try once it really works

Mary said...

I know the feeling! I work in a high stress job. When I first started, I remember when my sister came home from Cali and said to me "Whoa, what happened to you?" because I looked completely drained. We are too young to be stressed. It really helps to exercise, to do things you love, and work towards your future. Just live in the moment and do what you can to move forward. It made a HUGE difference for me!

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