Monday, March 8, 2010

21 Realizations About Being 21

1. I dont really like beer.

2. I dont really like drinking a lot, period.

3. I love drinks that taste like fruit.

4. I dont like the taste of alcohol.

5. Most bartenders are scum bags.

6. Mike's Hard anything, is my favorite.

7. Becoming an alcoholic would be an expensive hobby.

8. And shots are expensive. And for what? Small ass drinks, smh.

9. I hate being drunk.

10. It doesnt take a lot to get me drunk.

11. I hate drinking with people that have a high tolerance for alcohol. I feel like I need to keep up and be the "champ." I'm definitely not.

12. I may not like beer, but it tastes really good with cheesesteaks and greasy food. :)

13. I love making small talk with regulars at bars.

14. That whole thing about people tell the truth when they're drunk is a lie. I've found people lie more when they're drunk.

15. I like to smoke cigarettes when I drink but I hateeee smoking. It's gross and not a cool habit.

16. I'm not a big drinker, so therefore I'm not infatuated with going to bars all the time. Even though I feel that I should be, since I'm 21 now.

17. After drinking, if I dont get sleepy first, then I get horny.

18. If I'm going to plan to go out to drink one night, I'm also going to plan to not do anything the next day. Once I drink. I need a full 24 hours to recover. Or else I'm a mess.

19. My first alcoholic drink ever, was Captain Morgan. Scarred me forever. Should have started a little lighter and maybe I would be more of a drinker.

20. I prefer to be drunk at a karaoke bar instead of a sports bar.

21. All in all, I really like being 21.


brett said...
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Anonymous said...

Enjoy being 21 because life gets harder as you get older, seems a person gets more responsibilities as they get older and thats a good thing but can be tough. never give up though and utilize your friends and involve them, they can be a great help but can also hold one thought growing up was to know for sure what I was going to do with my life by 30, so you have plenty of time. use it well. you seem to already be well on your way to having a great life. Keep it up, those out here who care are watching.

Anonymous said...

Yes I care, so never think your alone when times get tough !