Saturday, March 13, 2010

Question about YOUR Parents

What do you think your parents would be doing today if they didnt have any kids?

I dont know what made me think of this question but I was kinda curious today. I think my parents would be pretty cool/hip type older people if they didnt have kids. My parents are pretty cool now but I think they'd be even cooler without kids. Unless me and my sisters are the reason they're so cool. Who knows?

I think my parents would live in a smaller house or maybe an apartment, and I think with their extra money and stuff, they'd go travel. I know my dad hasn't really traveled much. My mom is always going to different places for work conferences. But whose to say if they would have the same job if they didn't have kids? Maybe they would be doing something that they really loved to do instead of something they had to do in order to provide for their kids. I know my parents liked to do cool stuff like go camping and stuff like that before I was born. They definitely dont do that now though.

It's a pretty crazy question, but now I'm asking you. I have a couple questions actually.

#1 - Are you an only child? If not how many siblings do you have?

#2 - Do you love your parents?

#3 - What do you think your parents would be doing if they didn't have kids?

Happy Saturday everyone!!!

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