Friday, April 30, 2010

My New Favorite Website, besides blogspot!

I love it! I just started using it at work today, mainly because I just now figured out how to use my computer speakers. It's amazing and I have like 10 different stations.

Just wanted to tell everyone that hasn't used Pandora that you should. And if you start we can start sharing stations, cuz mine are the best!


Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Current To-Do List

1. Paint my nails, cuz they look a mess. But I don't feel like waiting for them to dry and putting on layers and stuff. Ahh, sucks.

2. Get a hair cut. I want to get a cute shorter cut for summer but I just haven't gotten around to looking for a good hair stylist in the area. My hair is growing longer by the day and it looks like shit!!!

3. Exercise on a regular basis and stop fucking around. When I started working out again I was doing good and exercising like 5 days out of the week and now I'm lucky if I'm exercising 4 days out of the week. I'm getting so lazy and I need to step it up!

4. Figure out a gift to send my mom for Mother's Day, like ASAP! It's coming up and I still don't know what to send her. I guess flowers would be nice but I'm not the "typical" type of daughter. I want to send her like a dozen different CD's, but have a midget dressed up like the artist deliver each one! If I could set that up it would be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!

5. Come up with something really special for Sam's 26th birthday that's coming up. I already know what I'm getting him but I want to come up with something really special. After all, he is getting up there in the age bracket. He's going to be in his late 20's!!!

6. Work on my scrapbook that I've abandon since Christmas. I have to put stuff in there from my 21st birthday and Easter. I'm slacking BIG time.

So yeah, I have a lot of things to do that I haven't even started to implement yet. I'll get there sooner or later. I'm definitely what most people would call a PROCRASTINATOR! Oh well.


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One of Those Sucky Ass Days!!!

Before this morning I hadn't taken a shit in weeks. So last night before bed I took some type of laxative and I woke up like a half hour early this morning because my stomach hurt. I went to the bathroom and lost like a pound and a half, just from shitting.

But anyways...

Today was just bad from the minute I got into work. And I thought it was Friday a total of like 7 times throughout the day. I was at work and in a meeting for most of the afternoon and I was secretly listening to my iPod, until it started dying on me. Which completely blowed!

Thank God tomorrow is pay day or else I might have just called off. I need to go buy a cute jean jacket that I can wear with some khakis on Sunday to a first holy communion party, that is pretty casual. But other than that I'm trying to save a bunch of money.

Just felt like releasing some tension and writing about my sucky ass day. I hope everyone else's day was a lot better than mine.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Wouldn't Call Myself An NBA Fan, BUT...

I would call myself an NBA Playoff fan. I don't like watching regular season games but I'm always updated on them because Sam watches a bunch of them, when I let him, hehehee! But when playoffs come around, I'm as bad as any grown man!!!

Tonight, though, there isn't really any good games on. I like watching the Cavs play and also the Lakers even though I hate the Lakers.

I also LOVEEEEE this commercial

Just incase you haven't seen it :)

Any NBA fans?

Can You Say PARANOID?!

At work we tend to cross off the current day on the calendar at the end of the day. It's a habit for everyone really. A girl I work with Nicole is on vacation in Florida for a week and before she left she crossed off all of the days on the calendar up to next Wednesday. I don't know why, it kinda freaked us all out though. We were all wondering why she didnt just wait until she got back from vacation. It's kind of like she was jumping the gun a little bit and it threw us all off.


Then another girl I work with named Sarah has one of those little desk calendars that has wisdom quotes and stuff on it. She said that she sometimes finds herself looking at the quotes for days ahead. We all were discussing this today and thought it was weird.

Anyone else weird like me, or is it just no big deal?

Monday, April 26, 2010


Since I've been eating right and exercising more frequently, I've been having the craziest cravings. But today at work I was craving chocolate like a maniac!!!

I would have even eaten an Almond Joy if I had one, even though I hate those!!! I'm a woman, I crave chocolate and I ate some. So I dont feel bad about it.


EDIT: Just realized this is my 200th post!!! Thanks to everyone for reading and following. I appreciate it!!!

"I Won't Ruin My Body With Pregnancy"

Recently Jillian Michael's did an interview with some magazine and somehow, the bitch interviewing her brought up pregnancy. I don't know if you read that correctly. The interviewer brought up pregnancy with Jillian Michaels. Pregnancy with this manly looking beast!!! Her name should be Michael Jillian.

Anyways, she said that she wanted children but she wouldn't "ruin" her body with pregnancy. Having children is absolutely and 100% a woman's choice and I can understand not wanting to have children, but to say that it ruins your body seems a little drama-queen-ish. I dont personally have children but I'm sure that pregnancy definitely changes parts of your body permanently. But to label the changing of your body as ruined is ludacris!!!

She ended up talking about how she wants to adopt, which is cool. In my life I'd definitely like to adopt a child, after having kids of my own.

But I dont know, that really made me mad. Jillian Michaels doesn't sit right with me. If you're such a "great" personal trainer I'm sure you'd find a way to get yourself back into amazing shape. That's all I have to say about that.


Hey did you know I have a new blog?

Lane Bryant Controversy!!!

ABC and Fox wont allow this ad to air in the 9-11pm hours. Can anyone tell me why?

Supposedly they said that the girl is exposing too much, which is, pardon my languare, BULL SHITTT!!! You'll air the Victoria's Secret fashion show and every other "naked, push up bra" commercial that they can make. This is a full sized woman and she's showing too much? It's not even like she's fat, she's just full figured. It's not even that she's full figured. She has the body of more than half of American women in the United States today. I just wish I had 30 seconds to say what was on my mind to someone at ABC. I'd rip them apart.

I hate when people discriminate against people, especially when it's something completely ridiculous like body type. The girl in that ad is gorgeous!!!

Blah, I just dont understand.

How do you feel about them not airing the Lane Bryant commercial?


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Is It Just Me?!?!

Or is it really, extremely sexy when a guy is fixing stuff and doing work around the house?

Ugh, I love it. I don't know why.



Wrap Up of My Boring Weekend

So my weekend started off with one of these...

(strawberry margarita from Chevy's)

And then ended with me waking up to this next to my bed this morning...

Blah, I hate weekends like this. But I really haven't got outta bed all day. Just been sitting with  my laptop, watching the basketball games and helping Sam set up our new surround sound system in the bedroom.

All of the rest of my weekends are pretty much booked until June. It is First Holy Communion season. So for the next few weeks we've got to go to a few of those kinda parties. I like those kind of parties a lot though cuz everyone is so happy that it's almost summer and seeing everyone and having cook outs is right around the corner!!!

So yeah, that pretty much wraps up my weekend. Hope everyone else had more fun than me!!!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ummm, Just One Question.


It's amazing and I would buy it in bulk. The diet peach tea is 10x better than the regular peach Snapple.

Damn, it's delicious.

That is all.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Home - Sweet - Home and some other random stuff!!!

So I havent been home to see my sisters or my family since Christmas! It's only a 6 hour drive but it's always a pain in the butt. I've been saying that I was going to make it back before my Uncle Joey's wedding which is the second week of June, but I haven't made it yet. I'm thinking about heading back on May 28th for my sister Rachel's dance recital. I'm the one that usually does her hair and makeup.

I'm pretty excited to get home for my Uncle's wedding, even though he's marrying an idiot. This girl is from Texas and she's obviously an asshole and doesn't know my family at all. Our family is throwing her a bridal shower in Pittsburgh and she said that she doesn't want alcohol at the party. She must not know my family AT ALL! My mom and my aunts are buggin' out because they can't bring their wine and shit. But whatever, I'm not going to that anyways. I just need to find a really cute dress for the wedding.

As for my exercising and dieting and all that. I feel a lot better but the pounds aren't shedding fast enough for me. The few pounds that I do lose fluctuates like crazy. I dont know but I have until June 12th to lose 20 pounds! So keep wishing me lots of luck.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

So I was thinkin', right?

And I might try to start secretly recording me and Sam's fights and then posting them on my blog to see who everyone thinks is right, and who's wrong. I saw commercials for that show The Marriage Ref and I like the idea. I haven't seen it yet though cause it's on a little after my bedtime.

So, we'll have to see about that one. I just think it's a good idea to know who's right and wrong. Even though I know I'm always right.



Saturday, April 17, 2010

Captain Hook's

Last night we went to some bar in Seaside called Hook's. If you watched the show Jersey Shore at all, it's the bar that Mike, Pauly, and Vinnie went to during the last episode. They have pool tables, air hockey, darts, basketball shootout. It's a pretty cool place but a big dump.

Sam and I went with his cousin John and John's friends Matt and Courtney. I also met up with a few people from work. Threw back a few beers. HAHAHA! That sounds so manly. But thats really what I did. Had a little sexy time with my sexy man in the back of the car for a few minutes during the night. LOL!..

But we just stayed for a few hours and came home.

And today the NBA playoff's start so if I want to talk to my husband I have to wait until halftime.

But I hope everyone has a good weekend!!! Any cool plans?


Fake 'n' Bake

So I went tanning for the first time in a veryyyy long time yesterday. The girl behind the counter at this place almost looked as orange as the girl above. Looking at her almost made me just turn right around and walk out of the tanning salon.

But anyways, I let her know that it was my first time at this place and I wasnt familiar with their packages. Like the asshole that I am I chose like the second highest tanning bed and my pale ass stayed in there for 10 minutes. BIG MISTAKE. My back, my ass, and my legs are on FIREEEE! It hurts to sit down. Luckily I had my face covered most of the time. Last time I went tanning there was like one type of tanning bed and then they had the spray tan. That was it! None of this platinum bronze, silver bullet shit. Ugh!

Ahh, I should have just gone with a lower tanning bed instead of being impatient and wanting to see immediate results.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Baseball is in full SWINGGGG!

I'm not a huge baseball fan at all, but I can never pass up a cute baseball tee. Victoria Secret just started this VS Big Leagues collection. It doesn't feature all of the MLB teams (they definitely dont have the Pirates). I think they are sooo cute. They also have sweats and hoodies.

Just thought I'd share with you incase you were a fan. Go here to look at all the merchandise.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Little Clarification

As some of you may know I've started a new blog. I think I need to clarify a few things cuz I've gotten a few questions.

Question #1: Is your blog based on true events?

Yes. All of it is very true. I felt like the way my husband and I met and started our relationship was very interesting, and it only gets better.

Question #2: I thought you were married, what happened with that?

Even though I'm labeling each blog Day One, Day Two, ect., all of these events in the blog have already happened and this is the TRUE story of how I met my husband. I'm not currently going through this. I think I'm labeling the blogs Day such-and-such cuz I don't feel like coming up with a name for them.

And I think that is all.

So for everyone that is following both of my blogs, THANK YOU and stay tuned cuz I promise the story gets crazy, exciting, and awesome very, very soon.

For anyone that isn't following my new blog, you can check it out at If I were you, I'd read a little bit of it first and see if it entices you, then follow it. But I don't wanna tell you to follow it, cuz it might not be your cup of tea. If you do like it, it's not too late to start from the beginning and catch the juicyness (if that's even a word).

Hope everyone has a happy hump day!!!

I'm in HELL from 8:30-5

Work has been ridiculous lately. I've been training some new girl that has no personality AT ALL! At first I thought maybe she didnt speak English because I was talking to her and trying to make conversation and be funny and all she did was nod her head and giggle a little bit. I was like WTF?! When people dont have personalities it makes everything so awkward.

Other than work I really haven't been doing anything. One because I'm broke and I'm waiting for payday, and two, I've been so worried about working out and getting in shape. Oh yeah, for anyone that wants an update. I've been working out every day and since Thursday I've lost 3 pounds.

But other than that guys, I dunno. Not much else is going on.

Just felt like updating though.


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Horrendous Sight to See.

So I was watching The Masters, before I turned it off. Golf is cool and everything but I hate the crowds. After every hit the crowd yells random stupid shit like, "shake and bake" or "get in the hole" or "boo-yah." It's pretty annoying.

Oh, and I've never seen so many pairs of ugly plaid, and khaki cargo shorts. Old men need to cut-it-out!

Just thought I'd throw in my 2 cents.



On Easter we were at my sister-in-laws house. I was taking a shower and I got out. I noticed there was a scale in the bathroom and so I got on.
BIG MISTAKEEEE!!! I knew I gained weight, but not that much.

OMG, it was horrible. I felt like crying. I've never been this big before. I automatically thought, "something must be wrong with this scale." So I just went on with my day and a few more days went by. I got on the scale at my house and it said about the same thing. Can you say super depression? I considered just not eating anymore, but I'm not that type of person. When I'm depressed all I do is eat. So I decided that I'm not going to be depressed about it. I'm going to do something about it.

So for the past 4 days I've been biking and running and eating a lot better. I'm going to completely block out all fast food. I'm going to try and eat more salads and things that are good for me. I'm going to slowly stop drinking soda, hopefully.

Since Thursday I've lost 2.4 pounds. I'm going to try and lose 20 pounds in a month. I dont want to do anything outragous so I'm not aiming for 40 pounds in a month anymore. HAHAHA.. I'm not going to announce how much I weigh but I'll keep you guys updated on how I'm doing and if I meet my goal.

^^^ This is what I use to look like, so this pic will be my motivation^^^
I have a few more motivational pics but they are a little too inappropriate to post on here lol.

But I promise, this will not turn into a "What I ate today diary" kinda blog, cuz I hate those!

Just wish me luck guys, I really need it!!!


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Writings on the Wall

I'm listening to this album right now and I gotta come clean. This is in my top 5 favorite albums ever by an all female group. And whats worse is that it's either equally great or better than the first Spice Girls album.

But seriously, the beats and melodies in this album scream 90's!!! I love it. Yeah, it has some classics on it like Say My Name, Bills Bills Bills, Bug-a-Boo. But it's not even those songs that make this album amazing. I rather listen to the other songs more than that. It's all over the place like any other Destiny's Child album and it doesn't really have a theme but it's a great cd to play while just chilling or even getting ready to go out. I personally love listening to it in the car, at night. I don't know why.

A couple other favorite all girl group albums:
TLC - Ooooohhhh.. On the TLC Tip
Spice Girls - Spice
Salt n Pepa - A Salt With a Deadly Pepa

Of course some honorable mentions:
The Supremes
Pointer Sisters
En Vogue

Who are some of your favorite all female groups?

"Listen to me Anthony, I got your head in a fuckin' vise!!!"

If you have a gambling addiction this blog may result in a relapse.

On the Saturday before Easter I went to my first casino ever! It was Sands Casino in Bethlehem, PA. It was pretty awesome and gambling is a serious addiction. Thank goodness my husband was there to take my money away from me before I gambled it all away.

At one point I was up about $23 but I gambled it all away. $23 doesn't sound like a lot but I was at a 25cent slot machine.

But, I didnt walk away empty handed. I found a dollar on the floor :) I think it fell out of a waitress's tip cup. Oh well.

I cant wait to go to another casino!!! But before I do, I gotta learn how to play some poker or something crazy.

Happy Hump Day!!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Jesus Zombie Day

My husband refers to Easter as Jesus Zombie Day. Since Jesus arose from the dead.

So for Jesus Zombie Day, we're going out to his sister's house to spend some time with her and her husband and the kids of course. Should be a good time. I'm trying to come up with a cute/easy little dessert to make that's festive. I'll probably just make like rice crispy treats LOLLL!

I gotta start remembering to take lots of pictures. Not just for my blog but for my scrapbook too. :) I'm such a dork.

I didnt have off work yesterday, which I think is pretty frickin gay. I dont have Monday off either but I'm taking it off anyways. Sam has a doctors appointment so I'm gonna go with him to that and then probably go to lunch or something and just chill.

But, what is everyone else's plans for Easter aka Jesus Zombie day? Do you do the same thing every year? Trying something new this year?

Let me know!


I've wanted this for a few years, since I've known it was actually available.

The complete series of I Love Lucy!!! 34 discs, 194 episodes, and it also includes the I Love Lucy: The Movie
It's amazing. I'm on disc 3 of the 1st season. I loveeeee this! It was a little pricey I think. I thought it was gonna be at the most $130 but it was $160. I could have gotten a blueray player with that. Or a really cool Easter basket. But I couldnt be happier with my purchase.

Next DVD purchase will be the complete Golden Girls DVD set :)

* And dont forget about *