Saturday, April 17, 2010

Captain Hook's

Last night we went to some bar in Seaside called Hook's. If you watched the show Jersey Shore at all, it's the bar that Mike, Pauly, and Vinnie went to during the last episode. They have pool tables, air hockey, darts, basketball shootout. It's a pretty cool place but a big dump.

Sam and I went with his cousin John and John's friends Matt and Courtney. I also met up with a few people from work. Threw back a few beers. HAHAHA! That sounds so manly. But thats really what I did. Had a little sexy time with my sexy man in the back of the car for a few minutes during the night. LOL!..

But we just stayed for a few hours and came home.

And today the NBA playoff's start so if I want to talk to my husband I have to wait until halftime.

But I hope everyone has a good weekend!!! Any cool plans?


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