Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fake 'n' Bake

So I went tanning for the first time in a veryyyy long time yesterday. The girl behind the counter at this place almost looked as orange as the girl above. Looking at her almost made me just turn right around and walk out of the tanning salon.

But anyways, I let her know that it was my first time at this place and I wasnt familiar with their packages. Like the asshole that I am I chose like the second highest tanning bed and my pale ass stayed in there for 10 minutes. BIG MISTAKE. My back, my ass, and my legs are on FIREEEE! It hurts to sit down. Luckily I had my face covered most of the time. Last time I went tanning there was like one type of tanning bed and then they had the spray tan. That was it! None of this platinum bronze, silver bullet shit. Ugh!

Ahh, I should have just gone with a lower tanning bed instead of being impatient and wanting to see immediate results.



tiana lachelle said...

I went tanning for the first time this year.
I only go like, 4 times a year before I start going outside a lot, because my skin is extremely sensitive to the sun haha.

Beth said...

Hahah I haven't gone tanning in five years. Back when I went, spray tans were just coming into fruition. I would be terrified to go now... so many options!!