Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I'm in HELL from 8:30-5

Work has been ridiculous lately. I've been training some new girl that has no personality AT ALL! At first I thought maybe she didnt speak English because I was talking to her and trying to make conversation and be funny and all she did was nod her head and giggle a little bit. I was like WTF?! When people dont have personalities it makes everything so awkward.

Other than work I really haven't been doing anything. One because I'm broke and I'm waiting for payday, and two, I've been so worried about working out and getting in shape. Oh yeah, for anyone that wants an update. I've been working out every day and since Thursday I've lost 3 pounds.

But other than that guys, I dunno. Not much else is going on.

Just felt like updating though.


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