Monday, April 26, 2010

Lane Bryant Controversy!!!

ABC and Fox wont allow this ad to air in the 9-11pm hours. Can anyone tell me why?

Supposedly they said that the girl is exposing too much, which is, pardon my languare, BULL SHITTT!!! You'll air the Victoria's Secret fashion show and every other "naked, push up bra" commercial that they can make. This is a full sized woman and she's showing too much? It's not even like she's fat, she's just full figured. It's not even that she's full figured. She has the body of more than half of American women in the United States today. I just wish I had 30 seconds to say what was on my mind to someone at ABC. I'd rip them apart.

I hate when people discriminate against people, especially when it's something completely ridiculous like body type. The girl in that ad is gorgeous!!!

Blah, I just dont understand.

How do you feel about them not airing the Lane Bryant commercial?



Jay_fever said...

Ol girl in vid could get smashed no question. I have no clue why the network is trippin.

La'Donna's Random Rants said...

UGH! I hate when they do shit like that!
It erks me to the nth degree! That woman is a beautiful full figured model plusss I love Lane Bryant, when ever I go back to the US I always purchase underwear from them. Its so darn comfortable, it like your laying in silk! lol