Thursday, April 29, 2010

One of Those Sucky Ass Days!!!

Before this morning I hadn't taken a shit in weeks. So last night before bed I took some type of laxative and I woke up like a half hour early this morning because my stomach hurt. I went to the bathroom and lost like a pound and a half, just from shitting.

But anyways...

Today was just bad from the minute I got into work. And I thought it was Friday a total of like 7 times throughout the day. I was at work and in a meeting for most of the afternoon and I was secretly listening to my iPod, until it started dying on me. Which completely blowed!

Thank God tomorrow is pay day or else I might have just called off. I need to go buy a cute jean jacket that I can wear with some khakis on Sunday to a first holy communion party, that is pretty casual. But other than that I'm trying to save a bunch of money.

Just felt like releasing some tension and writing about my sucky ass day. I hope everyone else's day was a lot better than mine.

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