Sunday, May 16, 2010

Girl Fights!!!

I wish I had a nickle for every time I heard a girl say that she has a lot of guy friends because girls are too dramatic. Like, what is it with us girls that really stops us from having some girlfriends? Is it just our competitiveness? Do we just want to be the best looking and funniest and most desirable?

All through high school I had a couple close girlfriends but not many. When I was in beauty school, that's when I really started getting along with girls because we're all kinda older, and we all had something in common. We all hated drama. But of course there was still drama. There's always going to be drama when there's girls around.

I do know that there are some girls that have a ton of girlfriends. I just don't know many of those kind of girls.



- the girl with a heart said...

Oh how this post relates to my life. Drama is in our blood, always will be. Just gotta learn to put it aside!

stephanie said...

i'm one of those girls that has many more guys friends than girl friends. not so much about drama with me as i just seem to make friends with males than females. idk.

Jenny Larsson said...

I like your blog :D