Saturday, May 1, 2010

I Might Be Getting a Puppy!!!

It's actually a dog that my parents just recently got. They named it Flurry but I like to call it McFlurry. They said it's been chewing up my dad's shoes so if we want it we can have it. I haven't got to meet McFlurry yet but when I do I'll make the decision if I want to take him or not. He's soooo cute so I'll most likely definitely want it.

I've grown up and almost always had a dog, so it's weird to not have one. Sam and I went to Petco today and they have some Kitty Adoption program. I'm allergic to cats but they are sooo cute and I was thinking I'd just take some kinda allergy medicine everyday. LOLLL


Anonymous said...

I love him!!!!!!!!!

goldNboi7 said...

McFlurry...hahaha...2 points!