Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ohhhh SHIT!

After my last tanning experience at Sun Bum Tanning, I went to a Hollywood Tans and tried them out last week. I walk in and she's telling me all about the beds and stuff. I can tell that their beds weren't going to be as strong as the last place so I went with the second highest bed again. The receptionist then says to me, "Well the maximum time for that bed is 10 minutes but I think you should go in for only 5 minutes because you're really, really white." Then she starts giggling.


Like I know that you're super young and you can tell that I'm young too but that doesn't mean that you can joke around with me, especially about my paleness. I wanted to be like, "yeah bitch, I'm really really white, and you're really, really ORANGE! So what? Gimme the full 10 minutes!"

But instead I was like, "Umm gimme 7 minutes," and walked away. I should have went in for 10 minutes cuz their beds absolutely suck! And their beds are all stand up and I feel like I'm in a small submarine. It's really weird.

But yeah, I hate when people try to joke with me just cuz we're around the same age and they assume I have a sense of humor.



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Kaitlyn said...

that same exact situation happened to me too!

Commentbug said...

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Anonymous said...

Huh? It's wrong to assume you have a sense of humour? Wouldn't it be more insulting to assume you have no humour?